June Goals

planter by Friend Assembly, available at Moorea Seal. Lot of air plants from Amazon.


May Goal Recap

  • Watch 7 new TED talks. Done! My favorite of the ones I watched last month was this one by Sarah Knight. Just so ya know, there is definitely some strong language in it.
  • Take a hike. Done! Here’s a little peek at the beautiful spot Jeff and I hiked.
  • Start on a new fabric collection. Finished + ordered! Woo! I am so excited to show you guys my newest prints. I hope they look just as beautiful in person as they look on the screen.
  • Buy nothing except food, gas + pet supplies. I consider this goal a success despite the fact I most certainly spent money other places…like on a plane ticket! I completely avoided buying anything at Target that wasn’t food or pet supplies, and I never stepped foot in a TJ Maxx. Yeah, buddy!
  • Shoot one outfit post per week. Welp. This is the one I failed at. I only shot two but to be fair I think one of them was a pretty important one. Read it here

June Goals

  • Work hard to save money! This goal is basically the same as last months – keep on buying nothing. I still use (and love) Digit but there are a few other apps I’m interested in doing a little more research on as well. Maybe start investing a little too?
  • Build running stamina. Jeff and I recently started running together in the morning. It feels SO AMAZING. You should know that I’ve never really run as an adult though so needless to say, I suck. In the short period of time I’ve been running I’m already seeing huge improvements. It’s very rewarding. My goal for the month of June is to not only keep up this healthy little habit but to be able to make it around the neighborhood without stopping. Right now I alternate running, and walking but would like to cut out the walking bit. So far my best run was with one walking bit about half way through.
  • Get The Dainty Squid’s shop running again. New fabric should be here any day and I’ve got a little something else up my sleeve as well so I’m looking forward to getting that all online this month. I honestly really miss selling online. I enjoy the whole process, especially packing up orders.
  • Bike 50 miles. 50 miles isn’t much at all but y’all I’ve been off my game for a while. The last few weeks I’ve been back in the saddle and super duper enjoying it. It’s so good for my mental health. I never feel better than when I’m on my bike.

How about you? What do you want to accomplish this month?

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  • I have a hike for my goal of this summer, hopefully, more than one! I absolutely love your pictures and how cleverly you’ve decorated with plants!!

  • That’s so awesome that you’ve started running (I’m terrible), and I’m so excited to see what you have planning for your online shop…I’ll start saving my moneys 😀

    I’m actually making a ton of changes that I’ve been telling myself to do for over 3 years now…and I’m finally doing something about it. I’ll share it all on my blog (which I’ve been neglecting) once everything is all in place next month. I’m scared…but excited. The future is going to be fantastic.

    Good luck with all of your goals for June!!!

  • I’m in the running deal, just like you. I never liked running, they made us do it at school and it was the worst. The longest distance I managed to last was 1k this one time.

    But there is this cool event coming up and I decided I can do it. I will run the 10k! It is coming up in August and we started going running in April. Sadly we have so little free time and have only managed to go running 5-6 times, but I have made amazig progress! I started with walking/running, but last time I ran 3k without a break! I am so proud of myself.

    So to get to 10k, which is about 6 laps in the park, by August, I will want to be able to run 4 laps by the end of July. My current record is under 2.

    Running is acutally fun, I never believed I would say that.

  • I love these! I should start doing a monthly goals post too. For June my big goal is to not drink any beer… we’ll see how that goes. I usually have at least 1-2 beers every day, and I’m curious to see what I notice about myself when I don’t have any. I’d also like to ride my bike more! I recently found a trail that runs all along the river nearby, and it’s so nice to ride on. And I finally bought a bike rack for my car – so now I have no excuse!

  • Seeing your goals each month (along with your flawless decor) is so inspiring! I’ve also been working on building up running stamina, after trying and quitting several times in the past. I’ve been using the (free) app Couch to 5K – it’s actually been pretty helpful so far! It’s designed to help you build stamina and slowly build up your run. I think in the past I would push myself too hard and end up getting discouraged too easily.
    Best of luck accomplishing your new goals 🙂 I look forward to seeing the new fabric collection.

  • Nice goals! I can’t wait to see what you end up putting in your shop! My major goals right now are to get back into an exercise routine, and be consistent with healthy eating. I always have a hard time being consistent!