pouch update : found on the beach!

If you already know where this post is going & want to skip reading before anything sells out. Here’s the link to the shop! Enjoy!

A bit of a quick recap here – The Dainty Squid actually started as a sewing business. I made and sold zipper pouches from super cute fabrics. My work was sold in boutiques all across the world. Eventually I began to feel burnt out from the constant sewing and decided to focus more on The Dainty Squid as a blog. Time passed and I eventually realized I really missed sewing, and selling online. It was such a huge part of my life so for long, it’s hard to give it up. In early 2015 I came up with the idea to get my own custom fabric printed, and do limited edition collections. Over 20 unique patterns later, I feel like I’ve found something that brings me balance. I can sew, and be creative without having to constantly be working on the same thing over and over. Last year I only came out with one new design (as well as a round of one of a kind pouches) so I’m feeling super excited to be back at it right now.

Back in August of 2015 I actually did a different set of fabric based on my beach finds. I absolutely loved the patterns I came up with. I’ve been wanting to do something similar for a long time. So here we are now! Four different patterns featuring all the things I’ve found on the beach this year. I’ve got one that’s a mishmash of everything with a few hidden faces mixed in, one that is sorted by colors, one featuring all the lake weathered plastic soldiers and other characters I find, and the final is a collage of my absolute favorite finds of all time.

I’m trying hard to resist keeping one of the ones below for myself. I was struggling so hard to get the lighting right when I was shooting the photo to get printed. I shot it so many times, with so many different combinations of lights. I was just about to give up when I finally found a way that worked. There’s beach glass, pottery, interesting rocks, shells and even my all time favorite find – a porcelain doll hand. It’s easily one of my favorite prints I’ve done so far!

A few more things worth noting;

  • Once sold out these fabrics won’t be reprinted. Meaning if you want it, grab it now!
  • I updated my society6 page with these prints. Did you know society6 does notebooks now?! Yeah, this looks amazing. Society6 also does prints, mugs, and even zipper pouches. Obviously the pouches aren’t as cool as the ones I make myself but you can get a lot of the prints I’ve sold out of – like this tooth pouch!!
  • If you have a store & would like to carry TDS pouches – HOLLER! I’d love to create something unique specifically for you.

As always, if you purchase one of my pouches, or anything from my society6 shops, I’d love to see photos! Tag me on instagram, @thedaintysquid.

Check out my newest collection here.

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