Friday Favorites #424

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The pattern on these planters is so simple, yet makes them so much cuter than if they were plain white.

(via Cactus and Bones)

Yes, please to this wonderful oven mitt!

(via Amazon)

Love this rabbit necklace!

(via Almanac for June)

I’m sure by this point you’ve seen these amazing cat candles that have skeletons but did you know there is also a bird, an owl, and a rabbit?!

(via PyroPet)

Such lovely colors in this print.

(via Pam Wishbow)

Sweet little snail to stamp on all your mail.

(via Niconeco Zakkaya)

Feelin’ like this cardigan paired with a plain black romper and these sandals would be absolutely perfect!

(via Moorea Seal)

Welp. This is the cutest.

(via Simply Sphynx)

Gah! So beautiful!

(via Maejean Vintage)

How can something “spooky” be so darn cute? Loving this eye mask.

(via Appendage Accessories)

Fern + moss sounds absolutely lovely.

(via Brooklyn Candle Studio)

Link love…

  • Two super cute + affordable black and white striped rompers – one that is mostly black & one that is mostly white.
  • Chocolate skull!!!
  • This sounds spammy but I promise it’s not – when I was an extra in that little filming project earlier in the month there was a lot of sitting around. From one of the ladies there I got the recommendation to start using InboxDollars. It’s a survey site. I’ve always been very skeptical of survey sites but decided to give it a go since I literally had nothing else to do. I just cashed out ($30 min cash out) for the first time. It’s not a get rich quick thing, definitely takes time but its a pretty rad way to make an extra few bucks. I tend to only do the higher earning surveys since I don’t like wasting a ton of time doing something so pointless but they also have this thing where you can watch “tv” (basically ads) and earn money. I just leave it in my second monitor while I work. Probably not a good idea to waste all your time doing it, but if you can find a way to weave it in without taking away from the things that matter, it’s neat.
  • The shade of this lipstick is so lovely.
  • A mug with eyes! And eye puffy stickers to add your own eyes to things!
  • How cool is this solar system crop top!?

Happy Friday!

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