Jerry’s Junk 2017

by Kaylah Stroup

Jerry's Junk

Over the weekend I took a spur of the moment trip to Louisville, Kentucky. The trip itself wasn’t spur of the moment. It’d been in the plans for a couple months. It was supposed to be a huge road trip but with my dad’s surgery being rescheduled for the week we’d planned to be away it seemed only right to cancel. Jeff had already taken the week off work though so we had to get away, even if it was just a short trip.

We tossed around a handful of ideas but after finding a really neat hotel in Louisville decided it was exactly where we wanted to go. We left early Sunday morning and slowly worked our way down through Ohio. The trip itself was fairly uneventful, a few cemeteries, some geocaching, and eating. Holy smokes, Steel City Pops is amazing. Just a nice, relaxing little getaway – exactly what I needed.

While figuring out what to do with the rest of our day at breakfast on Monday I decided to hop on Roadside America and see if we were near anything worth checking out. As luck would have it, we had apparently chosen a breakfast joint less than 300 ft away from Jerry’s Junk!
Jerry's Junk Jerry's Junk, Louisville, Roadtrip, Roadside Attractions

Back in 2014 I took one of my first road trips as an adult and ended up discovering Jerry’s Junk. It’s one of my absolute favorite memories. We had randomly found it on Roadside America and decided to take a little detour on the way down to Nashville. While standing around and taking photos, we were greeted by Jerry, the collector himself! He showed us around his property and I even ended up purchasing one of my absolute favorite possessions off of him, my medical man. I hold that memory very close to my heart. Upon a little bit further reading it seems as though being greeted, and shown around by Jerry isn’t all that rare but I still take the chance to brag about it anytime I can, like when his episode of American Pickers is on!

It wasn’t a huge deal for me to visit again on this trip which is why it wasn’t already on my radar but when I realized I was literally steps away, I had to visit. It was really fun to see it all again. There’s just so much to take in. Everything was essentially the same as I remembered. Although upon comparing photos from my first visit and this one there are a lot of differences. It’s interesting to think about where the things that were missing went. I’d like to think that those pieces have been purchased by other small time collectors, like myself. Like somehow my medical man makes me part of a secret club…

While peeking through the bars of his fence I spotted three little kittens. I can’t think of a more fun place to be a kitty. So many things to climb around on, and places to hide under. I was trying to get a better shot of one of the kitties when I spotted a water dish and food bowl for the little guys tucked behind some of the random objects. I already loved this place but seeing that Jerry is so clearly a cat lover as well, I like it here even more!

Check out my post from 2014’s visit to Jerry’s Junk here.
You can read more about Jerry’s Junk & find his address here.

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