what I wore : pink, black + green

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glasses – Ludlow c/o Alice & Olivia
jean jacket – Target (similar)
shirt – kyla top c/o Moorea Seal
lapel pinsfeminist cat pin +moon pin
skirt – skater skirt via Amazon (cheap + tons of colors!)
socks – Target
shoes – c/o Zenzee

I am SO stinking excited that it’s finally jacket weather. I mean, who isn’t!? Don’t answer if it’s you. I’ve had both this shirt and jacket for quite a few months now but rarely worn either. Any time I’d go to add either to an outfit there was just something that ended up working better. Paired together though, I can not think of a more perfect combo! I’ve seen comic panels where a sweaty character is asked why they don’t take off their coat and their response is that it makes the outfit. Now, I totally get it. I even snapped a few photos without the jean jacket but opted not to share them because all these pieces work so well together.On a totally different subject, y’all, my haaaair! Yesterday, in my project 365 post, I mentioned feeling a bit disconnected from my long hair. Like, I’ll look in the mirror and feel like “Woah! Where did this come from!?” I guess it’s from years and years of having short hair. I tried for so many years to grow it but always ended up getting it cut on a whim. Literally, this might be the longest hair I’ve ever had! It may have been a similar length when I was like five but not since then. I definitely struggle with finding the motivation to style it every day but can I tell you something? I feel so dang pretty when I actually take the time to do something other than throw it all up in a bun. I know some day I’ll end up cutting it, and heading back to short hair but right now I can’t even imagine. I feel like the most magical cartoon princess with this hair. I dig it, big time.


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  • That outfit is so on point! Also, your hair is like long, beautiful mermaid hair! I LOVE long hair, it just seems so much more versatile, you can style it in so many different ways! If you feel stuck in a rut hair wise, google styles on pinterest, there’s so many easy, quick style ideas! A few years ago I went REALLY, REALLY short, with a pixie cut like Ginnifer Goodwin, shaved up the sides and everything. I could not pull it off and it was a miserable grow out lol, My hair is finally down to my shoulders again and I’m so, so excited!

  • That is such a cute jacket! I am definitely excited for jacket weather!

    And wow, your hair IS super long now! I was attempting to grow mine out, like all the way to my waist, but then I chopped it all off. Whoops.