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I’m the friend who always has a granola bar or two, a pain reliever, and a thousand other random supplies shoved in her bag. I like to be prepared. So, when the opportunity arose to work with Get Ready Now it was like kismet. They have a ‘Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack‘ which not only has essentials for humans but for dogs too! It has everything from handwarmers and emergency water rations to dog poop bags and a pet first aid kit. (You can find the full list of the items inside on their site!)

Some of the things I hope to never have to use – like the millenium food bar – while others are things I’ve already found myself reaching for. Jeff ended up using the headlamp to see while he took stitches out of my ears the day the bag arrived. Perfect timing!

As someone who always a case of water in my car as well as a blanket, I’m honestly kind of surprised I didn’t already own something like this! Other vehicle kits provide tools to take care of the car – not yourself and your dog so this is perfect for me and my adventure buddy.The Get Ready Now’s Pups & Peeps Road Combo Pack is unlike any other vehicle accessory or travel and outdoor essential on the market.  The packs are waterproof, clear and the gear and supplies are ready to use with batteries installed.  When time is of the essence, having everything ready to use makes all the difference!

Also, on a totally real level, the kit gets major bonus points for being able to easily repack after dumping it out. It’s not one of those things that you can never get back inside the bag even half as neatly. Everything fits back in easily so no worries if you have to dig something out of the bottom.

I feel really good knowing that if something should happen while Klaus and I are out and about that I’ve got the supplies in my car to handle it, even if it’s something as simple as me forgetting his water dish!

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  • I LOVE this!! I have a pretty legit emergency kit in my car (I commute an hour through the desert to get to school/work, so def necessary) and have been looking into one for my dog. This is perfect for me!

    • I couldn’t imagine driving an hour through the desert daily. When I think back at some of the places we’ve road tripped through (with like noooo supplies) I could beat myself up for being such a dummy. Luckily nothing bad had happened but I guess I didn’t realize how dangerous being somewhere super hot with no supplies was.

      • I did my commute for almost two years with no emergency kit, and knowing good and darn well that I needed one. I FINALLY broke down and made one when we had a particularly bad fire (yay California, always on fire). There’s only one way for me to get from home to school (the I-15 freeway) and the fire was in the dead center, with me stuck on the wrong side of the fire. It definitely could have been worse, but really put things into perspective and was the push I needed to make a nice emergency kit.