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glasses – Louise via Warby Parker
sweatshirt  Curiosities via Wicked Clothes (size small)
button up shirt – Old Navy
jeans – TJ Maxx (similar pair)
purseMoorea Seal (similar)
shoesPampa Hi boots

FIRST OF ALL, Please tell me you spotted the two photos above that definitely should not have been placed one after the other? Go ahead, scroll back up. It’s the top half of me in one shot and the next is just my legs which makes it look like I have a really… interesting shaped body. This actually happens fairly often, where I need to reorganize photos because two of them line up weird, but I kind of had to leave these ones together. I legit snorted when I spotted it. Not that thats a crazy feat, honestly, I snort a lot. Hope it gave you at least a chuckle.

Next in order of importance, this sweatshirt! Wicked Clothes first came on my radar because of Mindi. She had posted a photo of one of their shirts which I thought was cute but wasn’t an instant must buy for me. Buuut then their ads kept popping up on instagram. I finally caved, clicked, and found a shirt I needed. I added to my cart but right after that I spotted this one which was basically made for me. Teeth, insects, mushrooms, bones, and so much more. Right after hitting purchase I was like “crap, Kaylah, that was literally the definition of impulse purchase!”  But I don’t think I could love this sweatshirt more. Plus I wear a lot of sweatshirts in the winter so like, this was definitely a necessity. …Or that’s what I’ve convinced myself to think. I’ll definitely be putting some of their stuff on my Christmas wishlist.


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