Project 365 : days 308 – 322

I accidentally took a few weeks off of Project 365. Well, just one week but, of course, sharing my engagement seemed a lot more exciting of a post to share than my Project 365. Since we’ve gotten back from that short vacation life has just been a blur. Between stressing about our wedding (Y’all I’ve already had nightmares about forgetting things but more on all that another day!), and working lots of hours at the flower shop I don’t feel like I’ve had much time to relax. Life feels like it’s on fast-forward. Like how in the world is it the end of November already?

Anyway, in order to get caught up I’m just going to share some of my favorite photos from the last month so far instead of every single photo from the project.

308 : 365 Cisco, Utah at sunset. This was taken just minutes after Jeff proposed. (You can read about that here, in case you missed it.) I still can’t believe this whole trip was real.

309 : 365 One of the things I loved so much about Utah was all of the yellow. All that yellow foliage paired with the gorgeous blue skies was serious eye candy. I took so many photos just like the one below. That photo just feels so warm and comforting to me, like if I were to squint hard enough I’d see myself frolicking in the background. That sounds nutty but y’all this trip easily was my favorite that we’ve taken together and I am obsessed with every little detail.

310 : 365 A little abandoned building we pulled over to check out… and my ring. I always said I’d be one of those people who sneaks their ring into a million photos when it finally hapeened. I probably took about one billion photos of it while we were out west. In ghost towns, with my coffee, with a bison in the background, at In-N-Out, and on and on and on. Totally not excited or anything.

312 : 365 We arrived home from our vacation to a decorated apartment. I guess we have pretty sweet friends…

315 : 365 Two things I love very much – socks and candles. Candelles has such lovely scents. If you’ve never burned one, you’re missing out.

318 : 365 Speaking of candles, wanna know a smart move? Buying candles in cute containers because they’ll end up making nice planters later on.

321 : 365 Jeff and I went out in the rain to shoot some photos. I didn’t end up capturing anything spectacular but it was nice to be reminded how good it feels to be out at night. I loved wandering around in the rain. (Also, I got my hair caught in my jacket zipper while we were out and it was extremely stressful. I will now be about one million times more careful!)

322 : 365 Shimmery new Keds found via Wikibuy– a site you can use to search for sales on all the things you want. They show you all the places said item is being sold and what it costs. They also have an extension will test coupon codes automatically at checkout and will find online rebates from participating retailers. Pretty awesome, especially this time of the year.

Hope your week is off to an awesome start!

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