what I wore : covered in bugs

beetle blouse! overalls + a button up shirt beetle blouse

hat – Target
glasses – Louise via Warby Parker
shirt – Bug Me button down by Catalog Classics (no idea why that listing only takes you to one specific size but here’s a link that shows all available sizes)
lapel pin – Caitlin Stout (no longer available)
overalls – TJ Maxx (I also recommend checking out Charlotte Russe if you’re looking for overalls!)
boots – fringe booties by Alpine Swiss

You guys, I found a beetle shirt!!! Last summer I found that beetle dress which was AWESOME but also a bit obnoxious. Obviously that doesn’t stop me from wearing it, and I definitely have a penchant for loud clothing. I also really enjoy wearing things that look moderately normal from a distance but up close reveal something super fun. This shirt falls into that category. Unless you’re really looking at what I’m wearing you might miss the fact that I’m covered in tiny colorful bugs!

I’m always hesitant to purchase button up shirts online since they almost never fit correctly. Hello, gaping buttons. Thank you, boobs. Buuuut when it comes to unique patterns I have a hard time resisting. Happy to report this button up fits like a dream. No gaping, it’s long and isn’t too tight in the shoulders! I’m wearing a size medium, FYI. It’s also super breezy and lightweight. It’ll be a great transitional piece when Spring finally decides to show its face here in Ohio. I’m, clearly, super stoked on this purchase!

Happy Monday!

Author: Kaylah Stroup

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