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You guys, a first here on The Dainty Squid! A KITCHEN TOUR! Woooooah!

Recently someone left a comment asking for a kitchen tour. As much as I love our kitchen it wasn’t something I had really even considered. The kitchen isn’t really a room you decorate, at least I don’t. I mean, it definitely has my touches here and there but for the most part its pretty utilitarian. I don’t feel like it’s underdecorated but it’s certainly not my living room. We’re also renters so it’s not like I’d be posting to share my excellent choice in appliances and paint colors. (I am absolutely in love with the colors in this room though! Our landlord made some solid choices!)

Lack of decor, and the fact we don’t own this room doesn’t make it any less important though. Looking back, I wish I had more photos of all my previous apartments. Each has been a bit better than the previous. All hold a special place in my heart but this one especially!

If you recall, we signed the lease on this place before the apartment was finished being remodeled. It was essentially an abandoned home at the time we first saw it but we could already tell we’d love the kitchen!

It’s not perfect. We could use more counter space. (Honestly though, who couldn’t?! FYI we aren’t interested in an island.) The paint job along the baseboard is sloppy, and there isn’t enough room to comfortably store all our food and gadgets. But it’s our first kitchen together! It’s big, and bright. Sunlight and warmth pour into the room every morning. The way it opens up into the living room means its perfect for entertaining. Its also great when one of us is working in the kitchen making dinner for the other one relaxing on the couch. We have and continue to make so many great memories in this room.

So, without further ado, I present to you my kitchen!

the dainty squid apartment tour globe collection apartment tour

Resources + recommended reading –
▴  How to make your own rainbows! All the specks of light are from a disco ball.
Table + chairs (the chairs come in a handful of colors but the pink regularly goes on sale!)
▴ Globes were all purchased second hand from estate sales, thrift stores, and auctions.
▴ Other rooms in our apartment: living room + my office.

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  • You totally have room for a kitchen island! If you can afford it and get to an ikea, I recommend a stenstorp. You could probably get the larger version :

    I have the smaller version in my kitchen, and it’s amazing. It stores a lot of my pots and pans, and the surface is where I do almost all of my chopping and food prep. There are similar islands on sites like wayfair, too.

    • An island is one of the first things we discussed when we moved in but eventually both decided that it’d break up the space and that wasn’t something we wanted to do.

  • You actually have room for an island…even if it’s on wheels…which would be super cool and around here, your kitchen would be out of code…as there is no venting above the oven/stove top….something I would bring up to the landlord because if there is a fire….well, just saying!

    • An island was one of the first things we discussed when we moved in but eventually both decided that it’d break up the space and that wasn’t something we wanted to do. It’s just not that important.

  • I love all of the globes above the cabinets! I’m in the process of collecting art for a similar purpose. It’s such an easy way to add interest without getting in the way of kitchen functionality.

    • Thanks, Justina! I was a little nervous about where I’d put my collection but it’s SUCH a perfect spot for them.

    • Thanks, Kate! I think thats what I really like about this room. It’s big and right and kind of empty but also jam packed with fun things.

  • Wow, just how many globes do you own?! Is there a reason you collect them, is there something unique about each one, or do you just like them?

    I also feel you on loving the room despite its flaws. The unit where my partner and I live is FAR from perfect, but it’s the first place we’ve had to ourselves, so it’s perfect and I know I will miss it when we move out.