4 things I tried + loved in April

Rose & Pomegranate Face Cream. I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the next best facial moisturizer. My purchase was swayed half by the packaging which I really like, and half by the incredible reviews this stuff has. I’ve been using it every morning before my make up and most evenings (ya know, when I’m not too sleepy to moisturize) It’s not heavy at all but still leaves my face feeling sufficiently moisturized which is a HUGE deal in the winter. It also has a very light rose scent which I really dig. It’s refreshing!

Unlike most the reviews, I don’t feel like it’s a miracle worker but I do really like the way it makes my skin feel. I would definitely recommend it to anyone on the hunt for something to leave their face feeling smooth and moisturized.

②  Wireless LED Puck Lights. So, for some reason I almost feel like the things I name in this series have to be beauty products buuut they don’t and they won’t all be. This month I purchased these LED puck lights for my curiosity cabinet… and I honestly wonder how the heck I went this long without them.

Four brightness settings, and a remote make them super easy to use, and adjust without ever opening up the glass doors. Since they came with adhesive stickers, I had them hanging and light up in no time at all.  They’re nothing fancy, and definitely wouldn’t be my first choice if I were looking to light a room but they put off the perfect amount of light to draw some attention to my collection. I absolutely love turning them on each evening. I’m already scheming where I can put more of these. Bookcase, maybe?

If you’re interested in getting some cool lights for your home, I highly recommend this post – fun lighting must haves! You know you need a toilet light!

NYX BB Cream in Nude. Another product I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing of – BB Cream! To be fair, I’ve never tried one I didn’t like but I really do love this one. It’s super light but still gives enough coverage to even out my skin color. It lasts all day and is pretty darn affordable. Really, it’s just an easy product to use. I love experimenting with make-up but for my every day routine I’m pretty simple, all I want is for my skin tone to be even. This stuff gets the job done wonderfully.

GlossyBox. I got not one but two GlossyBoxes this month!  The first was their standard monthly box, and the second was their limited edition mother’s day box. Both were incredible but I LOVED the mother’s day box. Every thing in it smelled magical. It was serious eye candy too. I unpacked and repacked the box so many times just because I loved touching and smelling everything. They’ll sell out quick, so if you want one hurry up and grab it!

Loved the regular monthly box too! I have mixed feelings about subscription boxes. I love experimenting but also really like being in control of my purchased so boxes like this are usually hit or miss with me. This was a hit! Out of the five products I received, two of them became part of my daily make-up routine. (The brow pencil + blush, in case you’re curious!)

My first impression of Glossybox is pretty high! Definitely something I wouldn’t mind continuing to try out.

Did you try anything awesome this last month?

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