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affordable wedding dresses

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My hunt for a wedding dress was not a fun one. It included buying the absolute wrong (non-refundable) dress, choosing another that I knew I’d probably regret, and spending way way way too much time frantically searching the internet from end to end. I’ve finally found *the* one though, and I bought it online!

Something that might have made my journey go a little bit more smoothly is having a list of places to look online. Obviously, with the huge number of wedding dedicated websites that exist, there are lot of lists out there. I found that most were outdated, and the other half? Well, we had a different definition of what ‘affordable’ meant. We’re having a small wedding, and most of my day will be spent in a swim suit so spending $1000 on a dress just isn’t worth it to me.

In case you’re on a similar hunt, or just like looking at pretty dresses, I’ve rounded up seven websites that offer affordable dresses you could wear on your wedding day!

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Modcloth was one of the first places I looked. I remember noticing the wedding section before ever needing a wedding dress and thinking that I’d definitely be back to look if the time ever came. Modcloth has 28 styles at the time of writing this post. They range from $100-$600 with most falling somewhere in the middle. The customer review photos are super helpful to getting a better idea of what the dress actually looks like.

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Lulu’s has a wide variety of dresses you could potentially wear as a wedding dress. Over the past few months I’ve probably accounted for nearly half their traffic. I checked back constantly. For what I was looking for – long + white – I found it most helpful to use their filters but you could also find some goodies by searching ‘bridal‘.

Other than the fact they have lots of options (60+) and great prices (most under $200), one of the biggest reasons I wanted to talk about them was their return policy! Free + super easy! I actually purchased two dresses from them early on in my search. Neither worked out but it was nice to be able to try them on and return them with no questions asked.

I highly recommend the dress on the left above. Fit beeeeautifully – was just a little too much cleavage for me. Had to ask myself ‘do I wanna hug my brothers with this much boob?’ and that answer was a solid no.

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ASOS has a wide array of dresses, and bridal accesories.  Most dresses range from $90-$300. ASOS is known for having a HUGE selection of clothing so it’s definitely worth browsing a little bit further than just ‘bridal‘. I found lots of pretty things (although most not white) searching ‘tulle‘.

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Fame and Partners

Fame and Partners has less of a selection, and is definitely more pricey than most of the other sites in this post but their dresses are still a lot more affordable than most of what I found in my search. Both dresses pictured above are under $600.

They also have customizable bridesmaids dresses, some of which are available in white (and a bit more modestly priced!)

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BHLDN has lots of dresses, and tons of gorgeous photos. I spent so much time swooning over their selection! A great deal of their dresses are over $1000 but there are also lots at more affordable price points. Both dresses pictured above are under $400.

Something I really liked abot BHLDN, and ultimately what swayed my purchase, was the fact their dresses have so many reviews and customer photos. Buying a wedding dress online is scary but being able to see what it actually looks like on someone really helps.

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Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender doesn’t have a huge selection but they are super affordable (That gown above? $79!) One thing that kept drawing me back was all the seperates they offered. Lace tops + tulle skirts!

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Altar’d State

Altar’d State has quite a few white lacey dresses that would be perfect for a courthouse wedding! I do think that their search engine is wacky. Searching ‘white dress’ didn’t give me all of the options (and most weren’t white or dresses) but it’s definitely worth taking a browse if you’re looking for something lowkey. I tried on the dress on the right – it was GORGEOUS!

A few more websites…

Azazie has lots of dresses under $500 you can try on at home for just $25. They also have a variety of colors for each dress.
Unique Vintage has lots of affordable white dresses + gowns. The only down side is most of their more formal styles are final sale so if it doesn’t fit or just doesn’t work for you, you’re stuck with it.
Macy’s has a surprising number of white gowns.
Tulle & Chantilly is actually bridesmaid dresses but I feel like they have a bunch of styles that could work for a lowkey wedding! I really loved this dress.
Blush has lots of pretty dresses at very affordable prices.

Remeber to read reviews + check return policies before taking the leap. Good luck on your hunt!

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  • This is a great list! I had a courthouse wedding in 2015 and ended up getting a dress from ModCloth, but I’d never heard of most of these sites and they’ve got some gorgeous dresses. Can’t wait to see yours!

  • Ah I wish I had this list a couple years ago, I got a cute lacy skater dress from Nordstrom for $90 which worked since I eloped. Those two Modcloth dresses though get all of my heart eyes

  • These are all so pretty! And I think it’s great to let people know that there are affordable options out there! I had no idea where to find affordable dresses and I was not at all wanting to spend a million dollars on a dress I was going to wear once so I was planning on altogether boycotting wearing a wedding dress. Until I found the perfect one on super clearance! I can’t wait to see what your lovely dress looks like!!

  • Great list!
    I’ll add that it’s worth it to look at bridesmaids dresses that come in white or ivory. They are typically $100-$300 and come in a large range of sizes.
    I ended up wearing a floor-length ivory “bridesmaids dress” but it was no different from a wedding gown other than the price!