5 rad things I bought in May


This month’s ‘things’ post is a little bit different than the previous months. Instead of beauty products I tried out this month (which other than a new moisturizer/sunscreen there weren’t any) I’m here sharing five things I bought this month. None of the items are related or go together in any way. I just feel like I acquired some really nifty stuff this month so here we go…

Erlenmeyer flask set. A while back I bought a small chemistry flask at an estate sale. It just took that one and I was hooked. I needed more. I spotted this set, and the price was too good to resist. They’re the perfect size to put random leaves in for water propagation. They also make a really great vase for all the random flowers I like to pick. I had a few cute vases previous to this but nothing that fit my style so perfectly!

4-inch disco ball. Earlier this year I bought a large disco ball and discovered just how magical it was to set it in the sunlight. It doesn’t fit my decor style… at all but it honestly brings so much joy that I don’t even care. I had been wanting to pick up a second one for a while, one a little more inconspicuous. I finally decided on a 4-inch one. It’s not the highest quality but it certainly gets the job done when the sun hits it! I highly recommend grabbing one of these if you’ve been thinking about getting a disco ball but don’t want to commit to a larger size. I seriously think everyone needs one!!

Check out some photos featuring the magical lighting my disco ball throws here

Blink Socks. EYE am obsessed with these socks. That is all.

Glide Gear OH50 tripod arm. This is something I had been wanting for YEARS but honestly had no idea how to find it, or it even existed. This arm attaches to your tripod and allows your camera to be horizontally positioned for overhead photos. It’s perfect for flat lays or anything else like that where you want the camera to be pointed straight down. I had such a hard time figuring out if this would work with the equipment I already have based on the information I could find online. Thankfully, it does, and holy cow, what did I do before this thing? It was super easy to set up + does exactly what I needed! This is 100% what my photography set up was missing!

Blogging about photography equipment isn’t really something I do all that often here on The Dainty Squid BUT since this is something that I had such a hard time researching/ think lots of bloggers would love I’ll gladly write a post dedicated to it, how it works, how it’d benefit you if that interests y’all! Lemme know!

Gold Duck Feet Frame. Holds a 4x6in photo but it comes in 4x4in as well! Pretty sure I legit squealed when I spotted this frame. It matches my bird leg side table!! (Check out a picture of the table in my apartment here!) I mean, why does it even exist?! It’s so dumb, and it could not be more perfect for my apartment. Obviously, it’ll get a wedding photo in it as soon as we get those back! 

Did you try/buy anything awesome this last month?

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