our custom enamel pins!

by Kaylah Stroup

custom enamel pins for wedding!

I am so excited to finally share one of my favorite details from our wedding! I’ve been itching to spill the beans since the moment I realized it was a reality. We got custom enamel pins made!!

If you’ve been following me for a while or have even seen a few of my what I wore posts, you probably know that I’m way into pins. I love that there is a basically a pin for any interest you may have, no matter how obscure. I’m usually wearing at least one pin every single day, even more if I’m wearing a jacket. So heck yes, getting custom ones made for the most momentous day of my life was a priority!

Our pins were made by a local company, Valley Cruise Press. Previous to getting these made, I actually already owned a ton of their pins so they had my complete trust in creating something that was absolutely adorable. We gave them a few key details to go off, and a rough sketch that Jeff drew up then they perfected it! Our initials, a saguaro since we love the desert, and two arrows to represent Twin Arrows; one of our favorite spots in the desert which is just one exit away from where we got married.

We handed the pins out to our guests as we met up with them in Arizona. It was so fun to see everyone wearing one in their own way each day. Just a little something to tie us all together.

Funny story actually: Jeff and I both wore the pins every day too. Before picking up my flowers the day before the wedding we grabbed coffee and some delicious pastries at Single Speed Coffee. Later that my sister-in-law ended up going to the same coffee shop where the barista said ‘I really like your pin! I feel like I saw someone wearing the same one earlier…’

The remainder of the pins were set out at our reception for guests to grab. Once again, it was super satisfying to see them being worn. I can’t think of a more perfect item to hand out. It’s small, easy to save, and has so much more character than your typical wedding favor.

Valley Cruise Press are the sweetest folks out there. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re interested in custom pins for any occasion at all. They even have a site specifically for their custom enamel pins that has tons of info and a contact form to make it make super easy to get in touch.

On a related note, in case you missed them before, our wedding photos are the dreamiest.

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