5 fave plants + candles!

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It’s August. Still the dead of summer, of course, but around this time of the year my brain is already ready to skip on to the next season. Instead of ‘spring cleaning’, I’m more interested in tidying up my house now. It just makes more sense! When the nice weather just starts to hit, that’s when I’m all about being outside but right now, I’m almost kind of looking forward to spending time cozied up in here.

Every single August I find myself nesting. Doing little things that make my apartment a little bit nicer. The two items that always make it feel super homey are plants and candles. Those are easily my two favorite things to decorate with. I recently got the opportunity to try out some scents and designs from Chesapeake Bay Candle’s Heritage Collection. I’ve been a fan of their candles for a while so I jumped at the opportunity to take these for a test drive, especially right now as I’m in full on late summer nesting mode! I thought it’d be fun to share a little round up of a few of my favorite plants around the house as well as the candles from the new collection I have them paired with.

The plant – Golden Pothos. Like basically everything else in my plant collection, I chose this one based on the unique leaves. Each one has a totally different pattern which is so fun. It’s easy to care for and pretty forgiving when I forget to water it.

The candle – Blood Orange small jar. An energizing citrus scent with natural elements of mandarin and blood orange. It smells edible. I love it. It’s the perfect scent for in our kitchen.

The plant – Pinstripe Calathea. One of my newest, and one of my prettiest! Thanks to Instagram, I have a new obsession with pink plants. I randomly spotted this cute little guy at my local garden center and knew he had to be mine. The leaves are so beautiful, and despite being ranked a ‘difficult’ houseplant, I’ve actually had pretty good luck with it so far. Knock on wood!

One of my favorite things about it, I mean other than the fact it has pink stripes, is that it goes to sleep each evening. Each night the leaves, which are relaxed and open during the day, close up.

The candle – Cypress & Oak large jar. Spearmint and eucalyptus blended with woody balsam, oak, and lavender. Scents like this one usually aren’t my first choice but I think the fact it won out over the others for living room candle says a lot. (That’s prime candle real estate!) With an approximate burn time of 80 hours, this guy should be lasting me quite a while, especially since I’ve barely made a noticeable difference in it even after burning it for a few days! 

The plant – Madagascar Palm. One of the biggest reasons I like this plant so much is because after neglecting it for over a year when I finally started caring for it properly it immediately started growing again. I had it for a bit before moving to our current apartment but when we moved in here I thought it would look cool in our bathroom. I put it on top of the cupboard where it would get a nice amount of indirect sunlight. I had the best of intentions and thought it’d do great in there buuuut I kind of didn’t water it… like ever. Around a month ago I finally moved it out of the bathroom, near another plant that I actually care for, and somewhere it’d get a bit more light. Within days it perked up. New leaves, and new growth! I can’t believe this resilient little thing didn’t die. I’ve got a new respect for it, and am now determined to take even better care of it.

The candle – Bay Cottage coffee table jar. This candle smells so fresh and so clean. The comforting fragrance of cotton and fresh air is absolutely perfect.

The plant – Rattlesnake Plant. Obviously, the leaves were what drew me to this guy. They’re just beautiful. It’s easy to care for and fits perfectly in my apartment since it doesn’t like direct sunlight.

Just like the pinstripe calathea, the rattlesnake plant goes to sleep each evening. This was the first plant I ever owned that did this, at least so dramatically. It actually startled me. I noticed one evening that it was closed and thought I had killed it. I was so excited to check on it the next morning and find that it was back to normal. I made neat little timelapse of it going to sleep a while back!

The candle – Wild Lemongrass two-wick tin. Lemongrass is one of my favorite scents ever! If I’m buying something online and, obviously, won’t be able to sniff it beforehand lemongrass is usually my choice because it’s basically a given that it’ll smell awesome. This particular candle includes essential oils of eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, spearmint. It’s heavenly!

The plant – Pilea or my favorite fun name for it, the UFO plant. I feel like if you’ve even been on the internet any time in the last year, you’ve probably seen one of these beauties. For a while, they were so popular they were hard to even get your hands on. Now I’ve been spotting them more and more at our local nurseries. They’re so easy to care for and propagate easily!

The candle – White Gardenia small jar. Gardenia is another ‘safe’ scent for me. It’s basically a guarantee I’m going to love it. Goodness gracious, this thing smells amazing! Like, all-time top five favorite candles – amazing! I’m being stingy with this candle. It stays in my office, a smallish room that the candle just absolutely fills with the most beautiful, floral scent. My favorite of the bunch, for sure.

I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked, on both plants and Chesapeake Bay Candle! The scents are all so complex and have such depth. I can even smell them in each room when they aren’t lit!

PS. Please make sure to do your research before bringing any new plants into your home if you have pets who like to nibble on leaves!

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  • I am allergic to SO MANY CANDLES, & I can’t figure out why or what the commonality is between them because sometimes, at random, there are similar ones I’m not allergic to at ALL. I’ve reached a point where I’ve all but given up on them, which is so disappointing, especially come winter…