abandoned motel in New Mexico

by Kaylah Stroup

Desert West Motel, abandoned, swimming pool

Cruising down the highway shortly after entering New Mexico, Jeff and I spotted this abandoned motel at the exact same moment. We gave each other the look and quickly agreed that even if we couldn’t get inside it’d make for some cool exterior shots. Despite having just stopped an exit or two earlier to check out a cemetery, we were ready to stretch our legs again.

As it would turn out, the Desert West Motel was wide open and a prime spot to spend some time wandering around. Jeff, my dad, and I all had a blast here wandering around the property. Dipping into rooms to check out it’s contents. Stacks of mattresses, garbage bags full of trash, and tumbleweeds filled the majority of them.

Seems as though while in operation it wasn’t that great of a place. One and two star reviews are almost all there is to be found. Pool was closed, resturant was closed, no hot water, broken furniture – all things repeated in each. The last review dating back to 2013. Most do mention the one positive – ‘no bugs!’

Spots like this are my favorite. Abandonment in the desert is so much different than here in Ohio. Wish we could explore spots like this more often. They always seem to be worth a stop.

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