5 things I loved in September

Perfect pink purse. I own many camera bags and backpack style purses but I apparently no longer owned any regular crossbody bags. Before our trip to the PNW I wanted to find the *perfect* purse. Something small that would basically just hold my wallet, point and shoot camera, chapstick and other small odds and ends. I searched all my regular haunts but came up empty handed. I turned to Amazon and was not let down. It was under $20 and fit everything I needed without being too large. Perfect size for wandering around new cities without weighing yourself down.

If pink isn’t your thing, it comes in a bunch of other colors as well! Truly an awesome little purse. I’m glad I got it right in time for our trip.

Bridgetown roll on perfume. I’m normally pretty good at just being a window shopper. I don’t regularly make impulse purchases but in Portland… things were different. There are just so many cute little shops. At one of them I happened to pick up this perfume and was instantly wowed by the scent. I bought it without hesitation and spent the rest of the trip saying “Jeff, oh my gosh, do you smell me?!”, “Don’t I smell amazing?!”, “Smell my wrist!”, etc.

Bridgetown is labeled as a mix of sandalwood, clove and rose. Based on that I probably wouldn’t buy it online but I guess that just means I clearly have no idea how to pick scents based on name alone. I smell SO DARN GOOD.

Roman Ruby Botanicals roll on perfume

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. I’ve been talking about getting a point and shoot camera for a while now. I finally took the plunge and holy cow, why did I wait so long?! I have a full blog post on this bad boy and my first impression of it scheduled for next week but it’s safe to say I’m in love!

Diaphonized frog. One of the few places I had mapped out to go to in Portland was Paxton Gate. It’s an oddities shop filled to the brim with taxidermy, plants, rocks, and all sorts of other interesting goods. It exceeded all of my expectations. It was a wonderland! I knew I wanted to get a honeymoon souvenir from there and as luck would have it, I found this cute little frog. He’s unlike anything else I have in my collection, small enough that he wasn’t a pain to get home, and was affordable.

Here’s an informative article about diaphonization, in case you’d like to learn more!

Arco light. Full disclosure, I received this lamp in exchange for providing the company with some cool photos it. That being said, I’m obsessed. One of my favorite things about this 3D printed light is that its dimmable. I’ve tried it out in a few different rooms of my house but it’s absolutely perfect in my bedroom. I turn it all the way up while we watch tv at night. It lights up the room without being too bright or powerful. After Jeff goes to sleep, if I want to play on my iPad a while I’ll dim the light. It has the coziest glow. It’s also just really fun looking. I think it’s quite obvious I prefer things that are a little bit different and this definitely fits the bill.

PS. If you purchase a light after clicking through this link you’ll get $20 off!

Arco light review

Did you try/buy anything awesome this last month?

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