Friday Favorites #484

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This necklace is beautiful!

(via GeoMinimalist)

Loving this dress! Such a perfect piece for transitioning from summer to fall. I’m picturing it paired with pink booties and maybe a pink faux leather jacket.

(Yeah, I actually went ahead and just ordered that dress because I got myself so pumped on it!)

Every single year I obsess over these velvet pumpkins but I have yet to buy any because they’re also so darn expensive. I found a tutorial though! I’m kind of amazed how easy they are to make. Can’t wait to pick up the supplies!

(via The Little Umbrella)

This purse! So fun! It kind of reminds me of something a fancy robot lady would use. (Truly a strange thought, I know, but you totally get what I’m saying, right!?)

(via Steve Madden)

Diggin this patch!

(via Goners)

This shirt!!

(via Amazon)

Velveteen a-line skirt? YES! So perfect for fall.

(via Madewell)

Joules has some of the darn cutest prints for rain items. This rain jacket is just the bee’s knees! While I don’t have a super cutesy one, can I just say that owning an actual raincoat is life changing?! Jeff got me this one a while back and I’ve been getting a ton of use from it lately.

(via Joules)

Look at this candle holder! So, I actually went searching for these online because I saw some like them at an estate sale. They were way out of my candlestick holder price range but somehow I still felt bad leaving them behind. So happy to see I can buy something super similar for a fraction of the price. (Similarly cool – this snake incense holder!)

(via Amazon)

This pin is amazing!!!

(via Verona Black)

A dress for your casual, everyday, Wednesday Addams looks! Also, this version with the scalloped hem? YES!

(via Amazon)

Link love…

PS. I have a ton more rad finds here! I made a Halloween themed list this week!

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