Friday Favorites #490

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I just love this pin so much!

(via Rachel Lin)

Love a planter with a friendly face!

(via Atelier Stella Ceramics)

If I had some place to put it, like a sun room, I’d snap up this plant stand in a heartbeat!

(via Amazon)

Meow! This belt is adorable! Speaking of cat clothing items, I bought these shoes yesterday!

(via Modcloth)

Be kind.

(via August Ink)

I’ve had this cardigan for a few weeks now and I just need to post about it here because it’s SO DARN COZY.

(photo by me, cardigan & dress are Modcloth)

I have definitely featured this cat witch hat before but y’all, this is easily one of my favorite photos on the internet. Makes me smile every single time.

(via To Scarborough Fair)

Junk food blanket!

(via Frankie Print Co)

Raccoon sweater!!!

(via Amazon)

I’m constantly going back and forth whether I want a small purse or a larger one. Right now I’m using this small one and loving it so much because it only holds the essentials. Then I spotted this gorgeous yellow satchel and now I’m convinced that I need it to hold alllll the things. Are you team hold all the things or team only the essentials?

(via Modcloth)

Link love…

  • Kindness is magic!
  • This cardigan looks cozy! Oversized cardigans are my jam this time of year, in case you couldn’t tell.
  • A Beautiful Mess’s video basics e-course looks really awesome. One of my goals this year is to experiment with video more. (I only have a month left! Ah!)
  • This jumper is the combination of two of my favorite things right now, grid pattern + overall dresses!
  • How rad is this scarf that could be used as wrap for a small gift?! Love the idea of wrapping a present with  another present.
  • It’s a tire swing bird feeder. When birds and squirrels stop to eat it looks like they’re on a tire swing. Ugh. I love it so much. Not sure I’ll ever love any feeder more than the horse head squirrel feeder though.
  • I just really really love dresses covered in stars!
  • Have you tried using Amazon Scout yet? You can give items thumbs up or thumbs down for instant product recommendations.

Happy Friday!

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