Friday Favorites #495

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Love love love this desert species tapestry!

(via Urban Outfitters)

This is probably the first year ever I haven’t already posted one thousand planners already. Couldn’t resist sharing this one!

(via Bloom)

Look at this planter!! While we’re on the subject of plant related items – this watering can is drool worthy!

(via West Elm)

A dress I recently bought + love! You can get a peek at it in this photo I posted on Instagram. This dress by the same brand is also adorable! Just all things black and white, okay!?

(via Wild Meadow)

I recently bought a new back patch for my jean jacket and now I’m patch obsessed all over again. I’m way into these teeth patches. (I bought this three eyed cat patch. It looks even more awesome in person!)

(via Tooth x Nail)

Love love love this dress covered in bats. Items like this are my favorite, where the print is something not everyone could pull off but it goes mostly undetected unless you’re looking close.

(via Sourpuss)

I’ve got this sleek black, white, and gray kitchen but I’m in love with this rainbow flatware. I mean technically it would stay in the drawer unless it was in use so it wouldn’t break up my color scheme…

(via Cambridge Silversmiths)

Loving this sweatshirt and key chain by Pyknic! They have so many great food themed items.

(via Pyknic)

This print! So pretty.

(via Mathilde Aubier)

30 challenges for 30 days!

(via Urban Outfitters)

Just stumbled across this tote at a waaaay better price than what I bought it for. I just love that grid pattern so so so much!

(via Amazon)

This mug! Fennec Design seriously has the best designs!

(via Fennec Design)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

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  • I didn’t do that foot peel, but did the Boscia one at Sephora. It was absurd. Took a few days before it started working. Was totally gross and also totally awesome, haha!

    • Hah! Did it feel like it made a difference in the overall softness of your foot? (Gosh, that feels like such a strange thing to ask a stranger! LOL) I’m just so intrigued!!!

  • Baby foot is pretty sweet. The key things are to: 1. soak! soak! soak! Try to soak your feet every night. and 2. leave the booties on for longer than recommended.

    Your results probably won’t be as dramatic as some of the before and after pictures (you seem like the type of person who would own a pumice stone or foot file), but your feet will be noticeably softer. The thing I like most is that it also removes the dry, itchy skin on the *tops* of my feet – where it’s not particularly comfortable to use a pumice stone.