six months

by Kaylah Stroup

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Six months ago I had the most magical day of my life.

Never thought I’d be one of those people who thinks a wedding is magical. Let alone the most magical day of their life buuuut it happened… and it was. I know I originally said I wasn’t sure I’d be sharing any more photos from the wedding but you know I love to celebrate every little milestone (six months on the 9th) and what better way to celebrate than by sharing a few more of my favorite shots.

(Actually, a better way to celebrate would be to go back and visit Two Guns… and we did that over the weekend. I’ll share that post soon!)

ghost town wedding, arizona, the dainty squid wedding

Above; One of my absolute favorite photos. I’m so so so glad Madeline included that one even though its not in focus. It’s just such a real happy moment. I love it so much. It’s even the background on my computer.

Below; We spent so much time pulling things out of my dress. I specifcally chose footwear I knew would be good for stomping around the desert in. I was also totally okay destroying my dress for the sake of good photos but I didn’t realize how much crap a wedding dress would pick up. As we walked around taking photos my dress just kept gathering things. Branches, thorns, even weird globs of wire. The bottom of my dress has so many snags and holes in it.

Above; I wrote this on the ground back in 2016. Two years later we, of course, had to get wedding photos by it.

Below; Another favorite of mine. (Haha, jk, they’re all my favorite because Madeline is a phenomenal photographer) After the ceremony everyone drove to The Wigwam, our favorite desert oasis, for a super chill reception. Milo performed some magic for us after dinner. He can be super shy, even with just us, but he was a complete ham. Just absolutely soaking in the attention. I’m so in love with everyone’s smiles in this shot.

I’m just so madly in love with Jeff. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. It couldn’t have been more ~us~. I’m so thankful to have found a partner who is on the same exact page as me. I don’t think there was a single thing we ever disagreed about regarding the wedding.

I spent so much time stressing over little details and worrying I might regret not having a more traditional wedding but holy cow, no. It couldn’t have been better. I kind of, sort of, not so secretly want to do it again every year. We’ve been ‘joking’ about getting married every year just to force our families on a giant vacation again and have the excuse to get dressed up. I have a feeling we’ll probably end up being those people who renew their vows every five or ten years though.

Married life has been wonderful so far. I didn’t think it’d change anything and I guess it really hasn’t or at least I couldn’t put in to words what exactly has changed. It does feel different though… and in the best way. I love being his wife. It feels safe and cozy.

Six months in and I’m still amused by the fact we’re married. Daily I say something along the lines of “Hey, are you married?” or “Am I your wifey?” I am truly annoying but I can’t help it. I’m just so excited. I waited so damn long and it was SO worth it.

In case you’d like to see more photos or read more about our wedding, check out this post. You can find our engagement story here.

photos – Madeline Barr
dress + topper –BHLDN
pink underskirt – Amazon
shoes – Palladium Boots
flowers – Sutcliffe Floral
pants + vest – Express

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