abandoned gas station

Abandoned gas station in rural Ohio

The weather isn’t really warming up too much, but we’re all feeling those spring vibes. We’ve been trying our best to get out early each Saturday morning to wander and take photos. Waking up before the sun even rises on a Saturday isn’t necessarily easy, especially since Squid has been cuddling with us every night for the duration of the night and leaving a warm cozy little spoon of a cat sucks, but it is so worth it.

This gas station was a happy accidental find on the way to our destination (which had sadly been demolished.) There was just something about it that felt like the desert. The temperature was the exact opposite but this hollow shell of a building transported us all to a far away place, if only for a second. Perhaps it’s not as interesting as thirty or so trailers and cabins packed full of stuff but it was still a super fun little stop that yieled some nice shots.

Close up of the pump at an abandoned gas station.

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