Friday Favorites #508

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I absolutely love these old glove forms. I want a big collection of them someday. What’s really cool is that a lot of them have a date printed on them. I would be SO excited to find one that has my birthday on it.

Loving these overalls! The fit is so cute. (Also by the same brand, a denim pinafore!)

I love the colors and pattern on this throw blanket.

Lets getaway!

How pretty is this enamel pin!?

The scents sound nice but honestly, it all about the labels on these candles for me.

Hoooly cow. This pendant lamp! Its super affordable too.

This whole outfit is adorable but especially that shirt.

A little something for your jacket. (And if you’re in the market for a new denim jacket, check out this one. It has tons of review photos & looks great on every one!)

How cute is this romper!? Looks like a summer staple to me, especially if you pair it with these sandals.

Link love…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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