Friday Favorites #509

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I already own an eye model but this one comes apart! Totally a good reason to own a second one, right?!

Love this pin!

These shoes + this dress = perfect summer outfit!

Oh, I just love these little face pins so much.

These hand earrings! These tiny skull earrings made by the same folks are actually the only ones I own that I can wear day in and day out without any issues so that makes me want the hand ones extra bad.

This circulatory system poster! Wow! How rad would this look in my apartment!?

How cute is this bralette!? There are matching panties too!

That jackalope enamel pin!

This moon globe! Ooooohweeee!

Pink overalls! I mean, what’s a Friday Favorites post these days without a pair of overalls?

Obsessed with these shoes! Wouldn’t they be precious paired with the overalls above?!

Link love…

  • Look at this molar mug!
  • A patch for all you Yeti lovers!
  • Love these monstera leaf earrings!
  • Nose + mouth medical model. (Its only $20!)
  • Not quite sure how this bra would look on bigger boobs but I sure do love the cut!
  • This wrap dress is so cute. It looks like it’d be really easy to wear, just throw on a pair of shoes with it and you’re ready to go!
  • Fairly often Jeff and I will fall down a weird internet rabbit hole trying to find the weirdest bad photoshop product photos. (Totally normal newlywed activity, yeah?) I just found this gem and can’t stop laughing. That main photo is made of like five different photos!!
  • On the subject of silly things – this cat shaped cake pan. They’re so bad that I love them and want to bake everything in the shape of a cat now.

Happy Friday! xoxo

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