abandoned trading post in Arizona

As you’re probably aware, since it’s all I ever blog about anymore, back in June, my husband Jeff, our friend Jake and I went on an epic roadtrip. We drove from Cleveland, OH to Phoenix, Arizona, spent a few nights at a resort, then drove home a new route. It was an incredible trip!

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Jeff and I go to the desert every year but we normally fly. This was a whole different ballgame! It was a blast to see so many new places.

My original plan was to make videos about each place we visited but once I got home and looked at my footage, I realized I didn’t shoot even close to enough video to do that. I wasn’t too happy about the idea of condensing the trip into one video but I started working on it anyway. About halfway through, I really started to love it and now, it’s one of my favorite things ever. We’ve watched it about a million and a half times already.

14 states, literal days driving, ghost towns upon ghost towns and a ton of special memories all jam packed into six minutes and thirty seconds.

I ended up borrowing some footage from Jeff so that I’d make an appearance in the video too. He shot individual videos of a lot of the places shown in my video so I’ve linked as many of those as YouTube would allow in this video. Keep your eyes peeled if there’s a place you want to see more of, chances are I’ve blogged about it (linked above) or he made a video! You can find Jeff’s channel here. His video of the abandoned motel in Arizona is my favorite.

abandoned gas station
Laramie, WY (THE cutest little town!)

Video shot with the GoPro Hero 7 Black. Definitely one of the best purchases I made this year!

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