Friday Favorites #531

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This dress! I absolutely love pieces like this that are fairly simple but have a little touch of spooky!

How cute is this planter!?

Very very into these shoes!

I think as soon as we buy a home one of the first things I purchase will be wall sconces. I just really dig the way they look. I’m way into these two. (Left, right) Oh. And this one too!

Forever a fan of a good jumpsuit! I bet this one would look super cute paired with a jean jacket.

I’m really just enjoying Brandon Vosika’s strange art work.

Moon mirror wall hanging!

Banana scented EVERYTHING!

I guess you could say I’m on a little glass box kick right now. They’re just so perfect for storing odds and ends in. Plus they’re an excellent way to display oddities! (I bought this little one last week. It’s legit perfect! I’ll share photos soon!)

Casually throwing in one of my own items, this wristlet! Last week’s shop update was awesome! Its always so exciting sending off things I’ve made to new homes. (Still a handful of other wristlets left from the update too!)

Well aren’t these just the cutest darn socks!

There’s just something about Calaca Ceramic Art‘s style that draws me in. You have to go check out some of their other critters!

Link love…

And because I’m obsessed, more cute little glass boxes…

Happy Friday! xoxo

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