Friday Favorites #542

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This jacket is definitely out of season for Ohio but it sure is cute. Also, by the same brand, I am very into this starry one!

Sugar Milk Co. makes some of the most delicious sounding perfumes ever! Strawberry Milk, rice crispie & mango cupcake to name a few. They even have a banana milk body wash! Yes, please!

Every air plant I’ve ever had has eventually died but just look how gorgeous these ones are! They’re super affordable too!

Because who doesn’t need a cat egg brooch!?

Love this striped top!

This yard sign never fails to make me laugh.

This snake wall hanging!

This dress is so simple but I really dig it. It could be styled so many ways.

I really enjoy colorbloKC‘s work.

Not only is this tote cute but it helps provide 10 school lunches!

Kelsey Pike makes these sprouting faces and I am positively OBSESSED.

Link love…

Make sure to come back next Friday for our annual Black Friday round-up! I’m excited to share deals from some of my favorite businesses. Happy Friday! xoxo

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