house plants + MycoMaxx

by Kaylah Stroup

This post is sponsored by MycoMaxx.

The weather is finally cooling down a bit and my garden is starting to die back for the season which means it’s time to make up with my house plants!

For the most part, my house plants are on autopilot. I water them regularly but maintence, feeding, propagating, etc kind of takes a backseat until fall. It always feels SO good to spend a day just tidying the collection up.

I am always interested in trying out new things to help my plants reach their fullest potential.

I’ve been experimenting with MycoMaxx in place of fertilizers for my indoor plants. Fungi spores colonize within the roots of your plant and become a living extension of your plant’s root system helping them take up more nutrients and water from the soil. So, in return you’re getting larger healthier plants!

MycoMaxx is super easy to use. All you do is mix a packet of it with a quart of water in a bottle and spray that on to the roots of your plants or directly on your seeds. It works on essentially all flowers, house plants and veggies aside from those in the brassica family (which is brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc!)

I can’t wait to see the difference this makes. I’m already excited to use it on next year’s pumpkin patch since that’s the one thing I’m always hoping to grow way bigger!

By the way, MycoMaxx sent me over a coupon code to share with you! ‘kamyco10’ gets you ten dollars off your purchase – which is a huge discount!

Squid loves to help with my plant care time. She always joins me, it’s the sweetest. ♥

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