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  • abandoned hospital

    Over the weekend my buds and I made plans to wake up early and explore an abandoned hospital. Waking up at 4:45 am is never really all that fun but I can definitely make exceptions when it comes to this stuff. Jeff and I had actually checked out the hospital a week or two prior, popping inside briefly to take some photos. We spent less than an hour and left 

  • abandoned trailer park

    The abandoned trailer park is easily one of my most blogged about places. Since discovering it back in March of 2015 its made its way on to the blog a total of five times previous to this. All those posts are linked at the bottom of this one. Normally I’d hesitate to post yet another photo set from here but once again my excuse is that I feel like the

  • abandoned china factory

    I’ve been holding on to these photos for way too long. It’s one of those sets of photos I just knew I couldn’t possibly describe correctly and wanted to keep all to myself. I like them too much to never share though… A month or so ago Jeff, Jake, and I spent the day exploring. We had a decent sized list of places we at least wanted to cruise by.

  • abandoned rubber factory

    After a seriously inactive 2016, Jeff and I have been doing our best to get out and take more photos this year. I have to say, we’re kind of kicking butt. For the last solid month, possibly longer, we’ve been getting out at least once per week to search for abandoned places that we haven’t been to or at least haven’t been to a while. Because we’ve been so active

  • abandoned in New York

    For Valentine’s Day Jeff and I took a spur of the moment trip to Rochester, New York. On Friday morning he sent me a text asking me to ask my mom, who was at our apartment, if she’d be willing to take Klaus home with her when she left. I knew that meant we were taking a weekend trip so I asked “Where are we running away to?” He responded

  • 10 favorite abandoned spots of 2016

    Although I didn’t go inside, this was one of my favorite exteriors. Don’t try to deny the fact it looks like a puppy! The past two years I’ve made lists of my favorite abandoned places I visited over the course of the year. Despite the fact this year’s numbers are low, I think I actually only blogged about just over ten spots, I still wanted to make this list. Because

  • Tip Top Cereal Company – abandoned

    There haven’t been many abandoned building in my life this year. The few I have gotten have been pretty darn epic (Knox County Poorhouse and Kings Park Psychiatric Center for example!) but compared to the last two years the number of “smalls”, as my friends and I call them, has been… well, small. Obviously I love the big stuff! Hospitals definitely rank among my favorite abandoned buildings to explore but

  • abandoned in the desert 2016

    I’ve basically blogged about nothing this month other than my little road trip out west. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m still soaking it all in. My pal, Alexandra (who has a blog you’d probably love if you’re reading mine), recently said that a third of the fun of taking trips for her is looking back on everything she did aaaand I feel exactly the same way. I like planning

  • abandoned houses + a new goal

    Although we haven’t been exploring too much lately, Memorial day weekend Jeff and I photographed a few abandoned houses which is always exciting. Out of all the abandoned places I’ve been, houses always seem to be my favorite. Perhaps because they’re more relatable than giant factories or football fields. You can look in an abandoned house and see where people ate breakfast at the kitchen table, or played board games

  • Abandoned Rubber Bowl

    The Rubber Bowl was one of those places I had known about for a little while but wasn’t all that concerned with actually getting to. I’m not interested in football at all, and I really didn’t see how an abandoned stadium could be all that cool. I had seen a few photos but wasn’t too impressed. I’m fully prepared to admit I was wrong, the Rubber Bowl was pretty darn

  • favorite 10 abandoned spots in 2015

    motel Finally, the last of my 2015 recaps! The year before last I shared my 10 favorite abandoned spots of the year and couldn’t resist choosing my favorites from 2015. I didn’t get out as much last year as I did the previous year but regardless I still had some really amazing adventures. Factories, multiple trailer parks, a greenhouse, and even a stretch of highway that hasn’t been driven on

  • abandoned Rochester subway // round two

    The weekend before last Jeff, Jake, and I hit up the abandoned Rochester subway. I guess it’s sort of an annual thing now. The Rochester subway was a light rail rapid transit line that operated from 1927 to 1956. The subway was constructed in the bed of the old Erie Canal. Most of the tracks have since been removed but it’s a really incredible tunnel nonetheless. The main part, where

  • Abandoned hospital

    Last weekend I finally got to explore an abandoned hospital! Like a lot of people I am terrified of hospitals, for not good reason at all. An abandoned hospital though? It has been on my list of places to get for so long. We actually had scoped out this place last year and didn’t see an entrance. I wasn’t super confident we’d be able to get inside this year but

  • abandoned greenhouse : round three

    Last Sunday, as part of our anniversary adventure, Jeff and I swung by the abandoned greenhouse. We’ve visited in the winter, in the spring and I’ve been not so patiently waiting for the perfect time to go see it in the fall. Alas, it wasn’t as colorful as I had been hoping and dreaming it would be. …At least that’s what I thought while we were there. It wasn’t until