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  • abandoned school – snow day!

    Over the weekend Ohio got smacked with a HUGE snow storm. The amount of snow wasn’t quite so extreme, at least in my opinion, but the wind made massive snow drifts. It was nearly impossible to keep sidewalks, driveaways, and roads clear. While nearly everyone hunkered down for a cozy

  • abandoned industrial complex

    Every time I think there’s nothing new to explore in this city we end up finding something wonderful. Most recently – this place! My history with this building complex began around the time I moved to Cleveland. We were doing a lot of exploring, getting out nearly every weekend to

  • abandoned around Cleveland

    Just some recent photos from abandoned buildings around the Cleveland area… Sometimes we visit really rad places but I just don’t feel like taking the time to set up my tripod, or maybe I’m just too busy being nervous about the neighborhood to take the time to find that perfect

  • abandoned factory – revisited

    I guess the theme of the abandoned buildings I’ve been sharing on the blog this last month, like the factory full of trash & the masonic hall, is that I’ve been there before. 2014 was the year I moved to Cleveland, and the year I really got in to photographing

  • east cleveland abandoned factory

    Four years ago I first shared photos of this abandoned factory located on the east side of Cleveland. Built in 1917, it became one of the largest machine-tool manufacturers in the United States. Eventually the company began to suffer due to competition, the recession, and corporate inefficiencies. They restructured, cut

  • abandoned church

    The very first abandoned building I ever shared photos of on The Dainty Squid was a church. That church is now long gone, and I’ve got a few more under my belt since then but they still haven’t lost their charm to me. Next to schools, I think they might