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  • Eureka Cemetery

    After ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at all the incredible animals on Antelope Island I suggested we head to Eureka, Utah. Eureka is listed on quite a few websites as a ghost town so obviously that was what drew us there. The photos looked promising. Upon arriving we quickly realized this was not that case. I mean, there are definitely abandoned houses, and storefronts but there is also a pretty sizable population

  • Eastern Cemetery

    A few weekends back Jeff and I took a short weekend trip to Louisville, Kentucky. We had no real reason to go. I mean, not that we ever do when we go somewhere. We just wanted to check out somewhere that we had never been together. Our plans were basically completely open, we just wanted to explore. While doing research on the area I stumbled across a few mentions of

  • State of Ohio Asylum for the Insane Cemetery

    Like any completely normal adult, I have a cemetery bucket list. Bucket list seems very appropriate in this context. Ya know, just a bunch of cemeteries I want to see before I too kick the bucket. At the very top of this list was a single headstone that is actually in Ohio. One word… Specimens. What in the world are ‘specimens’?! I mean, obviously, I know what the word means but

  • Wayne County Home Cemetery

    Wayne County Home Cemetery. I’ve been itching to get back out and look for interesting new cemeteries to explore. Every time I think I’ve checked out everything interesting in the area I manage to dig up something new I hadn’t seen before. I don’t know how but I ended up searching on the FindAGrave app in the Wooster, OH area. It’s only a little over an hours drive away so

  • Cherry Hill Cemetery

    After camping last month, Jeff and I both were basically dragging our feet home. We camped about three and half hours away so the drive home felt a little like a mini road trip. Just enough of that open road feeling to tease you, and make you want so much more. I love every little detail about trips in the car. Watching out the window for hours, gas station snacks,

  • Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery

    After visiting Tonopah Cemetery I guess my excitement got the best of me because I fell asleep as soon as we got back into the car. I woke up a short time later to Jeff asking “wanna stop at this cemetery?” I’m not sure I’ve ever said no to that question. We pulled in and I realized it was actually a place I already had mapped out before leaving Ohio

  • Tonopah Cemetery

    I’ve always had this vision of what a cemetery in the desert looks like. I imagine its filled with cowboys. Its definitely dusty there. The headstones probably aren’t anything like the ones I’m used to in the northeastern side of the United States. Mountains in the background are a must. Aside from cowboys, Tonopah Cemetery hit all the marks. It was everything I had ever dreamed of. It was dusty,

  • Laurel Grove Cemetery

    You guys! I finally, finally, fiiiiinally have the last post from November’s trip to Savannah ready to go. I essentially shot nothing but photos of cemeteries which, tooting my own horn here, I think I’m pretty good at. I’ve blogged about it twice already how when I got home I wasn’t really happy with any of the photos. Slowly but surely, cemetery by cemetery, I’ve been editing them and falling

  • Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery

    I’m throwing it way back to November’s trip down to Savannah, Georgia today. Basically, I only shot cemetery photos while we were down that way, and when I came home to edit them I hated nearly all of them, except for the ones from Colonial Park Cemetery. Still swooning over those, actually! It took a few months but I eventually started going back through them hoping to salvage some. First,

  • Greenwood Cemetery

    Throwing it back to last month’s New Orleans trip right now. Since we wouldn’t be renting a car in New Orleans we had to find some way from the airport to our hotel. Jeff, and I both own our own cars, live in a drive-able city, and generally have had no reason to ever use any sort of ride sharing app. This would be a first. After having a rough

  • St. Louis Cemetery No. 2

    Lots of people have a list of places they’d like to visit, and some people (me) even have a list of cemeteries they’d like to visit in those cities. New Orleans ranked pretty high on my ‘need to visit’ list just because of their cemeteries. There wasn’t one in particular that drew me there, I just knew they had a bunch that were like none other I had been to

  • Grahamville Cemetery

    After that incredible abandoned church we found on our Valentine’s Day adventure (check it out here!) I couldn’t imagine our luck getting any better. Shortly after crossing the Pennsylvania border we hit a major wall of fog. Like barely see the car in front of you wall of fog! Jeff said something like “wouldn’t you love to shoot a cemetery in this?” To which my response was “well, I doooo

  • Bonaventure Cemetery

    One of my all time favorite headstones. I took a photo of it back in 2014 and made sure to hunt it down again on this most recent trip. Back in November Jeff and I took a quick weekend trip down to Savannah, Georgia. It was my second visit down there and since my first I had grown immensely in my photography. Needless to say, I was excited to shoot

  • Colonial Park Cemetery

    At the beginning of this year Jeff got a new full time job which is obviously really good news but we kind of thought it meant we wouldn’t be able to travel as much as we wanted. Since the very beginning of our relationship traveling has been something that we’ve enjoyed together tremendously. I mean, duh, who doesn’t like traveling with their significant other? We took our first big trip