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  • what I wore – feelin’ myself

    Y’all, this might be my favorite outfit I have ever shared here. Nearly ten years of sharing funky outfits on the internet and one simple romper rules them all. A few weeks ago Jeff and I were laying in bed when he just randomly spits out “Can I buy you a romper?” It was reeeally stinken cute the way he said it so nervously like he anticipated a “no”. He

  • what I wore : stripes + overalls

    This post was sponsored by Reebok as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I feel like my wardrobe is heading toward something Steve Jobs-esque. Not that I’m going to start wearing black turtlenecks and jeans every single day but that I’ve started simplifying it without even meaning to! I really enjoy getting dressed up, and puting together fun

  • what I wore : beetle dress

    A while back in my Friday Favorites I featured a dress from the brand CowCow and mentioned how I wanted to pick one up eventually. They’re cheap, they have pretty awesome reviews, and the biggest selling point for me is the fact that they offer really unique prints. Basically anything you can think of, they have it on a dress. Mushrooms, sushi, bees, bats, and so on! I was leaning

  • what I wore : note to self

    A list of things I need to write, read, and remember… The beauty of another person doesn’t diminish my own. You don’t have to be petite and delicate to be a beautiful woman. There is nothing wrong with being tall, and there is definitely nothing wrong with curves. Not having a flat stomach does not ruin an entire outfit. No one actually gives a shit, and if they do… well

  • what I wore : blue + brown

    I’m thinking these might be my last outfit photos with bright green hair. (Extra emphasis on ‘bright’ because I’ll probably have another with my currently faded color) If I say that I have to do it, right? That’s half the reason I’m writing it, to be honest. I’ve been rocking this green hair for over a year which is definitely a record for me. I love it and I usually

  • what I wore : incognito elephants

    Let it be known that this is the dress that converted me to a shift dress fan and I think my summers will be 100 times more enjoyable now. You might even say it “shifted” my views. Ba dum tissss. If you hadn’t noticed my dresses are basically all fit and flare. I feel like that’s a super flattering style and it just works on my body. The thing is,

  • what I wore : a food baby

    Sharing outfit photos can be scary. There are a lot of people who think that because something is published or otherwise put out into the world that it’s up for debate or open to criticism. People tend to forget that behind every single thing there is a real person who is potentially reading these things, and being affected. It doesn’t even have to be a huge deal, a simple off

  • what I wore : easy breezy

     details glasses – Louise via Warby Parker dress – TJ Maxx sweater – Macy’s pins – skull by Valley Cruise Press, cactus by Justine Gilbuena necklace – Moorea Seal tights – House of Holland (many years ago!) backpack – TJ Maxx (similar) shoes – White Mountain oxfords via Amazon Say “hello!” to my new favorite outfit! I’ve been trying really hard these past couple years to whittle my wardrobe down

  • what I wore : green + pink

      details  glasses – Louise via Warby Parker  sweater – Charter School Cardigan via Modcloth dress – floral halterneck dress c/o Blue Banana (also on Amazon in more sizes!) belt – thrifted shoes – Modcloth I am madly in love with the combination of light pink and green. Actually light pink is kind of my jam right now. I just looked over at my right hand where I have on

  • what I wore : a pop of green

      details glasses – Louise via Warby Parker sweater – Forest Cardigan c/o Moorea Seal pins – pro pin by a shop no longer in biz,  Pee-wee Herman by Weird Beard Candle Co. shirt – Old Navy (Similar) jeans – TJ Maxx boots – Fringe Boots c/o Alpine Swiss One of the best things about having a blog is being able to look back at your old posts. Similarly, one

  • what I wore : stripes, again!

      details glasses – Louise via Warby Parker dress – striped dress via Amazon cardigan – dream of the crop cardigan via Modcloth pin – girls via Moorea Seal shoes – White Mountain oxfords via Amazon Super cute black and white striped dress that fits like a glove for under 20 buckeronis? Heck yeah! It obviously loses some cool points for not having pockets but still! This beauty will definitely

  • what I wore : owl get the hang of it

      details glasses – Louise via Warby Parker sweater – Elsa Jumper c/o Blue Banana (also on Amazon with more sizes!) skirt –  Modcloth (similar) shoes – Loly in the Sky My blogging schedule since moving has been… erratic, to say the least. December was kind of a mess for me. I was so anxious to move that I had a hard time concentrating on anything. I constantly felt behind

  • what I wore : mad for plaid

      details  glasses – Louise via Warby Parker plugs – Omerica Organic   (use rep code “daintysq” for 20% off!) coat – Kensie Plaid Coat via Nordstrom (also on Amazon for $99!) gloves – H&M (last year. sorry!) pins – things will work out + crescent moon c/o Moorea Seal, tooth by Hooptedoodle, Honus Honus pin from the man himself. shirt – TJ Maxx camera bag – Harbourside c/o Jo Totes leggings

  • what I wore : prettiest pinafore

      details glasses – Love L768 via Coastal sweater – Coraline Cardigan c/o Moorea Seal pinafore – striped pinafore via Target necklace – tooth necklace by Goingsnake Silver pin – crescent moon c/o Moorea Seal top – black turtleneck via Target tote bag – Seltzer Goods socks –Target shoes – TJ Maxx Lets get it out of the way first, there is definitely mud on my socks… and probably a