Friday Favorites #437

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This bone dress is so darn cute!

(via Modcloth – but also on here for a few bucks cheaper!)

Super into this candle‘s packaging!

(via Werther & Gray)

Look at this cat skeleton necklace!

(via Birch Please)

These pins!

(via Choopl Designs)

Such a spoooky bath bomb.

(via Be Kind Body Products)

Loving this dress!

(via Amazon)

I am a huge fan of a great fitting black shirt. I honestly don’t think you can have enough of them. This one looks perfect!

(via Modcloth)

Yes, pleeeease, to these slippers!

(via Urban Outfitters)

What a precious little bat pin!

(via Lost Lust Supply)

It might be a little late to be buying pumpkin decorations but I just love these scented velvet pumpkins! They’re so pretty!

(via Your Hearts Content)

Cats + skulls! Two of my favorite things!

(via I like Cats Shop)

Eye sure wish this was in my collection!

(via Happy Fortune Vintage)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

  • what I wore : kitty collar (not that kind!)

    details glasses – Louise via Warby Parker sweatshirt – polka dot sweater collar – detachable cat collar pants – TJ Maxx shoes – Jasper slip ons tote bag – block print hands c/o Moorea Seal phone case – constellation case Friends! It’s official. I have found the cutest collar ever. I’ve actually been admiring this collar for a really long time but kind of felt like it was a gamble.

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  • found on the beach x2

    It’s been a minute since my last found on the beach post. I’ve still be wandering the beach, picking up things that catch my eye and photographing arrangements but I haven’t been sharing my work. To be honest, I’ve felt a bit discouraged. An anonymous commenter (of course) left some stupid, snarky response about how dumb this is and how I owe my readers better. I obviously don’t agree. This

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  • what I wore : curiosities

    details glasses – Louise via Warby Parker sweatshirt – Curiosities via Wicked Clothes (size small) button up shirt – Old Navy jeans – TJ Maxx (similar pair) purse – Moorea Seal (similar) shoes – Pampa Hi boots FIRST OF ALL, Please tell me you spotted the two photos above that definitely should not have been placed one after the other? Go ahead, scroll back up. It’s the top half of me

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  • project 365 : days 281 – 287

    281 : 365 Love when something just happens to be the perfect size to display something else. This plant and pumpkin were a match made in heaven. 282 : 365 When I bought it I didn’t realize that this bat candelabra held three candles and not two. I didn’t have any more so I improvised and my little bat got an air plant hairdo instead. I think this might be

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  • Friday Favorites #436

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means, read here. This print! (via Triangle Trees) This dress!!! (via Modcloth) Check out this rockin’ pug! (via Mokuyobi Threads) How pretty are these hair pins?! (via Serenity) The other day I picked up a few of these pens on a whim aaaand holy cow, they write SO nice! (via Paper Mate) Say yes! (via Banquet) Lovin’ this mug!

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  • grow light review

    In 2016, I reached peak plant lady status. With an outdoor space all to myself for the first time since moving to the city, I went wild with plants. I learned to propagate, and my plant count was through the roof. Then in the time between learning about my new apartment and finally moving in on January 1st of this year, I gave away most of my collection except for

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  • eating fresh with HelloFresh + Freshpet

    Thank you Freshpet for sponsoring this post. Check out Freshpet refrigerated pet food, made with fresh, all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives, truly making a difference you can see and your pet will feel! If you’ve been following The Dainty Squid for some time you may recall how over the past three years I’ve shed my title of ‘picky eater’. I was previously someone who literally only ate because

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  • project 365 : days 274 – 280

    274 : 365 I am dying over Professor’s… everything in that first shot. There are more photos from this little shoot here. 275 : 365 It’s kind of amazing how fresh a new pillow can make your whole living room feel! This one was less than five bucks aaaand I am incredibly pleased with how nicely it ties everything together. 276 : 365 Is it possible to resist one dollar

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  • Friday Favorites #435

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means, read here. I absolutely love this shirt. Of course the pattern is good but it’s the cut of it that really wins my heart. (via Modcloth) A sweet little mouse to hold your rings. (via Anthropologie) It’s time to be hunting for a calendar for the new year! This one is so very pretty. (via Moorea Seal) Look

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  • earlobe reconstruction journey

    Fair warning to squeamish friends – there are photos of stitches in this post. Nothing gory or bloody, just some stitches.   Notice anything different about me? Perhaps you never noticed my ears before because when I went through some old photos I realized just how little you could even see them in photos. For over half of my life I’ve had my earlobes stretched. I started in middle school.

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  • It’s the little things…

    Earlier this summer my parents adopted a dog, Ellie May. Klaus spends a decent amount of time at my parent’s house since they’re the only people I trust to babysit him. So when my dad brought home this neglected pup from a coworker I think we were all a little nervous about how they’d react to each other. They basically became BFFs immediately though. They honestly could not be more

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  • what I wore : cozy at home

    details glasses – Ludlow c/o Alice & Olivia romper – button-down shirt romper via Urban Outfitters cardigan – Macy’s socks – thigh high socks via Amazon slippers – Marshalls (similar) I’m not going to lie, this post feels a bit more like a string of selfies than an outfit post. Also, I’ll probably end up doing an actual outfit post in this same thing another day but y’all I’m living for

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  • project 365 : days 267 – 273

    267 : 365 Just looking real cute in a striped dress. Check out more photos + full outfit details here. 268 : 365 Whoops, I bought a new plant. Those leaves are just so darn pretty. 269 : 365 Bag explorers! Why is everything these little kitties do the absolute cutest?! 270 : 365 I’m working on a post with HelloFresh right now, and I can’t say enough nice things.

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