Friday Favorites #412

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This tote bag, just speaking exactly what I want to do every single time I see a pup!

(via: Coffee Break Clothing)

Ahhh! This lamp is ridiculous!

(via: Urban Outfitters)

All about this patch!

(via: The Far Woods)

How beautiful are these moth earrings?!

(via: Miss C Alexandria)

I’m not sure I love anything more faces hidden in inanimate objects. You can choose this silly cat face design in either a purse or wallet!

(via: Modcloth)

These socks!

(via: Jimmy Buffalo)

This metal cabinet is what my decor dreams are made of.

(via: Urban Outfitters)

Such a cute notepad. Love that it has a reminder to drink too. I could always stand to drink more water… I just forget.

(via: Megan McNulty)

I’ve been eyeing up this brass plant mister for so long. I mean, I mist my plants all the time already, shouldn’t I have something cute to do it from instead of a huge ugly spray bottle?

(via: Jasper Goods)

Donut candles, big + small! (The large one is cinnamon scented!!)

(via: Firebox)

Not the typical cut I go for but the color and pattern of this dress win my heart!

(via: Modcloth)

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Happy Friday! xoxo





  • Zion Chapel of Ease Cemetery

    I’m throwing it way back to November’s trip down to Savannah, Georgia today. Basically, I only shot cemetery photos while we were down that way, and when I came home to edit them I hated nearly all of them, except for the ones from Colonial Park Cemetery. Still swooning over those, actually! It took a few months but I eventually started going back through them hoping to salvage some. First,

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  • what I wore : blue + brown

    I’m thinking these might be my last outfit photos with bright green hair. (Extra emphasis on ‘bright’ because I’ll probably have another with my currently faded color) If I say that I have to do it, right? That’s half the reason I’m writing it, to be honest. I’ve been rocking this green hair for over a year which is definitely a record for me. I love it and I usually

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  • tiny, temporary art installation of beach trash

    It happens every year. When the warm weather comes around I remember just how much I love spending time at the beach. I remember just how relaxing it is for me just to wander the shore, listen to the waves crash, and search for colorful items that have washed ashore to make arrangements. I literally blog about this same thing every single year but somehow the realization is completely new

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  • project 365 : days 107 – 113

    107 : 376 I finally got to meet Allie from The Only Living Girl in New York. We met up for a solid day of exploring, and good food. We tried a handful of different abandoned buildings around the area that I thought were sure things but got shut down every single one of them. It was almost comical. Almost. We were almost ready to call it a day but

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  • Friday Favorites #411

    It’s not a full sized model but still a seriously seeeeriously awesome price for this anatomical model. I’m so tempted. He’d be perfect on one of my shelves. (via: Joe Blake) I am sharing this ridiculous napping pillow because it almost made coffee come out my nose. Then I actually saw a review about migraines and how they hoped it would help theirs (it didn’t) and it got me wondering

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  • The NEW Dainty Squid

    I’m a few weeks late making this announcement, I was just waiting until a few loose ends were tied up first, but The Dainty Squid has a brand new look! You’ve probably already noticed by now but I’m super excited about it, and just wanted to point out a few things (and of course, encourage you to hop over to view the actual site!) The Dainty Squid has made the

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  • Barkbox Review

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BarkBox. All opinions are 100% mine. I’ve always really loved buying Klaus toys because his excitement is so obvious. This is a dog who truly appreciates the fact that I bought something for him, or at least it seems like it. Unlike my cats who literally couldn’t care less about getting presents that aren’t edible. Needless to say, when

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  • three years!

    Today Jeff and I celebrate three years together. Three whole years of traveling, binge watching tv shows, devouring pizza, crawling through windows, stomping around underground, riding bikes, driving really far distances for reasons most people wouldn’t understand,Β  exploring the desert, cuddling pets, eating delicious food – lots & lots of delicious food, daydreaming about the trips we’ll take together someday, and of course, annoying each other. He’s the one who

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  • project 365 : days 100 – 106

    Β 100 : 365Β Things I’ve collected from the beach. I’m not a hoarder, I swear. 101 : 365 Absolutely could not resist this pink denim jacket, no idea what patches I want to sew on it yet though. This one seems like a pretty good option though. 102 : 365 Apparently Professor will wear a tiny cowboy hat when bribed with treats. Can’t believe it took me so long to figure

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  • Friday Favorites #410

    Loving these witchy hand key chains! (via: Leider Leather) A very relatable patch. (via: ambivalently yours) I just can’t bring myself to put down a door mat that isn’t friendly but if I had to choose a grumpy one it’d be this one. (via: jimbobart) Paint by number post cards! There is also an office supply themed set too if thats more your thing! (via: Robert Mahar + Hannah Berman)

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  • abandoned china factory

    I’ve been holding on to these photos for way too long. It’s one of those sets of photos I just knew I couldn’t possibly describe correctly and wanted to keep all to myself. I like them too much to never share though… A month or so ago Jeff, Jake, and I spent the day exploring. We had a decent sized list of places we at least wanted to cruise by.

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  • Nelson Ledges + a new 2017 goal

    Last summer Jeff and I made a goal to visit as many of Ohio’s waterfalls as possible as a way to keep busy, and have an excuse to get outside more often. Instead of sitting around feeling like there were too many options of what do with our summer “Let’s go find a waterfall” became our weekend go-to. It was awesome! We obviously didn’t visit them all but we hit

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