what I wore : put a seagull on it

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hat – stolen from Jeff
glasses – BonLook
coat – Columbia rain jacket
sweater – ???
overalls – Charlotte Russe
boots – Palladium Boots (depending on your size & what color you choose in this style they’re wildly inexpensive for what you’re gettin!)

Another overall outfit. What can I say? They’re kind of my jam! At least this one doesn’t include a striped shirt though. Ya know, like the other four times I’ve shared an outfit featuring overalls. See – 1, 2, 3 + 4. I guess, like they say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ but I think the end of that quote is ‘put a bird on it!’

This outfit feels a bit different from everything else I share. A bit more utilitarian than most, I suppose. I definitely do love dressing up but let’s be real here – it’s not an every day thing. I’m equal parts ‘girly girl’ and ‘tom boy’. I love frilly dresses but I also really love my overalls. Something like this is what you’d most likely catch me in if you saw me out and about. I’m especially digging beanies these days. A beanie and braids have been my lazy day go-to! Probably the only good thing about cold weather.


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