Friday Favorites #428

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This jewelry holder is right up my alley! Seriously, how rad!!

(via Modcloth)

How sweet is this little house shaped vase?

(via 2of2)

I’ve been a fan of Golly Bard’s style for a while and this bat print is no exception!

(via Golly Bard)

These mirrors are really interesting. I love the kind of random looking shapes.

(via Anthropologie)

Pretty little planters! They come in a wall hanging version as well!

(via Umbra)

I dig Annie Dornan Smith’s style!

(via Annie Dornan Smith)

Leopard sheets!

(via Anthropologie)

This half life sized spine model would be a super rad decor piece if you have a lot of desk space. I mean, obviously, you don’t have to put it on your desk… just day dreaming about where I’d put one if I had it.

(via Amazon)

This flatware set is dreeeeamy!

(via Anthropologie)

Did you guys see that Moorea Seal has a new book coming out soon!? It sounds awesome.

(via Moorea Seal)

Link love…

Happy Friday!

  • found on the beach – mellow yellow

    I’ve been holding on to these photos for quite a few months now. Sadly, I haven’t been doing too much beach combing lately. The last time I went was actually my birthday at the beginning of the month. While there is still more trash than there should be, my favorite spot to hang out is fairly clean in the warmer months. It’s also full of people this time of the

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  • project 365 : days 219 – 224

    219 : 365 I bet people who don’t constantly rearrange things have so much time on their hands. Only half joking here because, wow, I spend a lot of time scooting furniture and plants around. I really love those plants by the bookshelf! I’m sure in another month I’ll find an even better place for them though. …Because that’s just how it goes. 220 : 365 16.5 miles around the

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  • Friday Favorites #427

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means, read here. This sweatshirt!!! (via Modcloth) Meow or Never! (via Broad and Jones) These earrings! Love them so much. There’s a matching necklace too! (via Moorea Seal) This moon neon lamp would make the dreamiest night light. (via Echo Neon Studio) This blanket! (via Sheila Couture) This has to be the most ridiculous salt and pepper shaker set

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  • Cherry Hill Cemetery

    After camping last month, Jeff and I both were basically dragging our feet home. We camped about three and half hours away so the drive home felt a little like a mini road trip. Just enough of that open road feeling to tease you, and make you want so much more. I love every little detail about trips in the car. Watching out the window for hours, gas station snacks,

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  • project 365 : days 212 – 218

    212 : 365 I was trying to get a photo of Professor laying here on the table right by our front door but clearly the lighting wasn’t working in my favor. I do think it’s hilarious you can see his creepy little teeth though. He looks like an angry little snake. 213 : 365 Squid has been so darn affectionate lately. She’s been doing this thing where she just walks

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  • Friday Favorites #426

      This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means, read here. I discovered Old English Co earlier this week and spent so long browsing! It was super hard to narrow it down and decide what to share here! I’m especially lovin’ this patch and this notepad! (via Old English Co) How rad is this moon light? It’s super affordable too! (via Modcloth) Oh, just a perfect

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  • twenty-seven

    details hat โ€“ Target sunglasses – Moorea Seal shirt – 3/4 sleeve top via Target skirt – denim front button skirt via Target sandals – pansy via Amazon TWENTY-SEVEN. This is officially the “other side” of my twenties. Well, twenty-six was… and twenty-five probably was too but for some reason I tried to hold on the idea that I wasn’t closer to thirty than twenty. No denying it now. Still

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  • August Goals

    July Goal Recap Stay ahead! I didn’t do this goal as well as I had hoped but without a doubt I was more ahead than I have been in recent times. This is definitly a goal I’d like to keep working on. Dye my hair. Yes, ma’am! I said goodbye to green, and hello to yellow! I’ve already got the itch to dye my hair again too. I actually feel

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  • project 365 : days 205 – 211

    205 : 365 Plants on plants on plants. Tiny face planters by Friend Assembly, eucalyptus pin by Hemleva, and air plants from Aura Creations. 206 : 365 Taking Klaus out in the evenings is normally Jeff’s job but a few evenings ago I took ended up taking him out before bed. Right where the sidewalk and my driveway met I spotted this lil dude. Upside down and dead – like

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  • Friday Favorites #425

    This post contains affiliate links. For more information on what that means, read here. How rad is this skull!? What an incredible collection piece. (via Grandpas Market) This whole outfit is so good, those shorts especially! Sweatshirts and shorts are my favorite together. They remind me of cool summer evenings or the beginning of fall. They just give off a really cozy vibe to me. (via Modcloth) The perfect tag

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  • the timeline myth

    When I was a young teenagerย I thought I’d be married in my early twenties. I’d definitely be a homeowner and my life would be sorted. That by twenty five or so I’d have popped out a baby or two. Obviously things didn’t go as “planned” Even more obvious than that is thatย that’s a good thing. I’m certainly glad I dodged any martial bullets, and I’m elated that I was able

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