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  • found on the beach

    Well, I have set a new standard for myself with these found on the beach sets. As someone who organizes just about everything by color – my closet, my DVDs, etc – it’s kind of shocking to me I never thought to do this before. I’m obsessed with how it looks. It was so hard to choose what photos to share because I took so many. I had so much

  • found on the beach

    It’s been since April that I posted a new “found on the beach” photoset. For the most part they’ve been keeping the beach fairly clean. The last few weeks though, it’s been a wreck. Shards of broken plastic, tons of bottles, and of course, the normal tampon applicator. Ugh. While looking for a place to lay out the days findings I was only able to spot one area that had

  • found on the beach // lighters

    The day I spent picking trash up on the beach (see here!) I realized I seemed to be finding A LOT of lighters. Every few steps I was finding one. I decided to pick all of them that I found up in hopes that I’d maybe find enough to take a special picture of them on their own. By the time I was done, maybe an hour and a half

  • found on the beach

    I finally found a beach I can do one of my favorite hobbies at! Mickey and I had visited a beach right before everything thawed hoping to find some glass. I was super stoked because, although we found barely any glass, there was tons of trash. I couldn’t wait to go back and collect it for one of my found on the beach trash photos. I went back right after

  • Pismo Beach

    I’m throwing it back to last month’s road trip again today. After driving the extraterrestrial highway, visiting Tonopah Cemetery, making friends with a jackrabbit, and getting  our fill of the desert (that’s not really a thing. I could never get my fill of the desert!) we headed to the coast. Two years back we drove a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway and I LOVED IT.  This year we wanted to

  • Klaus @ the beach!

    world’s most handsome puppy! These last few weeks Klaus and I have had to schedule our walks around the times that my landlord wanted to show my apartment. Klaus is an excellent dog. He never chews anything he shouldn’t. He’s never had an accident in the house. He doesn’t just randomly bark like some dogs buuuut he does bark at strangers. If someone comes over he doesn’t know, pulls in

  • two minute beach clean

    Since my last found on the beach post there have been some definite improvements to my favorite beach. Judging by the marks in the sand, they did that thing where they just plow everything into a dumpster. It gets rid of all the driftwood, a lot of the sand, and some of the trash. I’m not 100% sold on this method of cleaning up the beach considering the fact that

  • 7 tips for finding beach glass

    When I first got into finding beach glass I was surprised to learn that we even had some in Ohio. I guess in my mind it was probably only in Florida. I dunno why, I just imagine that the beaches in FL have lots of treasures. That combined with the fact I had only heard of it referred to as “sea glass”  meant it definitely wasn’t going to be in

  • another beach fort

    I was just about to type that Spring is here as an excuse why I have another one of my beach forts to share with you today it’s actually been really cold this week. The other night it was hailing snow, or something?, so loudly that it woke both Jeff and I up in the middle of the night. When I took Klaus outside the next morning the ground was

  • driftwood beach fort

    Trying to get more steps on my Fitbit means a lot more of me getting out and wandering around. It’s definitely a win/win situation. I’m getting more exercise, and I’m also out doing more of my favorite activities without feeling guilty that I should be at home working. Last week I hit up the beach. I collected some beach glass, and then noticed some nice looking drift wood that was

  • beach glass for me, beach glass for you

    It’s been a while since I rambled about how much I loved the beach, huh? I guess I kind of took the winter off, which is fairly unusual for me. Over the weekend Jeff and I stopped at a random little beach and it got me thinking how much I missed “my” beach… plus the beach sounded like an excellent way to rack up steps and that’s basically all I

  • Asilomar State Beach – tide pools

    The one thing I was REALLY excited about along the coast was visiting tide pools. I feel like I know quite a bit about mammals, I can identify the vast majority of things that live on land but the ocean is another story. It’s a mystery to me, and for that reason I am beyond intrigued by it. I’m not landlocked in Ohio. I’m less than a mile from Lake

  • Beach Fort

    I know, I’m always talking about how much I love the beach but I really just can’t get enough. It’s my absolute favorite place in the fall. Whenever I’m stressed I know that I can head to the beach and everything will be fine even if only just for the short time I’m there. Earlier this week I went to the beach but wasn’t really feeling any of my other