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  • Artful Blogging feature

    I feel a little bit like a braggart writing this post right now considering the fact I was on the cover of Cleveland Magazine last month and wrote a whole post about that. But y’all, this girl doesn’t exactly get featured in magazines everyday, it just so happens that two

  • This year I…

    played in tide pools for the first time ever. got a big fat crush on Toronto! explored lots of interesting places people left behind. grew lots and lots of plants. tried more new foods than ever, and even kind of fell in love with cooking. got to cross off a

  • It’s the little things…

    My absolute favorite thing about spring time? BABY ANIMALS. I’ve been living in the city for around a year and half now, and honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else but there will always be a part of me that loves the country. Along those same lines, I love shooting abandoned