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  • bedroom tour

    I’ve been living in my apartment for just under two years now… and I’m finally ready to show y’all my bedroom. Well, as ready as I’ll ever be. In my last apartment my bedroom was the last room I shared photos of, and in the house I owned before that

  • where I work…

    For basically as long as The Dainty Squid has had a space on the internet I’ve been sharing photos of what where I work looks like. I’ve moved around a lot, and even when I’m in the same space for a long-ish period of time I rearrange almost constantly. It

  • on my deck – summer 2016

    Last year was my first year in this apartment with it’s cozy little second floor porch. When the weather warmed up, I moved my plants that weren’t looking so hot outside since my office was getting crowded. Much to my surprise, they thrived. After that I ended up moving the

  • where I work

    At the very end of 2015 I moved my office into the room that was my bedroom, and my bedroom into the room that was my office… and it was probably one of the best decisions ever. I’ve been living in this apartment for just over a year and from

  • This year I…

    played in tide pools for the first time ever. got a big fat crush on Toronto! explored lots of interesting places people left behind. grew lots and lots of plants. tried more new foods than ever, and even kind of fell in love with cooking. got to cross off a

  • where I work…

    I’ve been living in my “new” apartment for around four months now. It took a while but I’m finally at a point with my office where I’m super happy with how it’s shaping up. My apartment has two bedrooms. I took the larger of the two for my office. Partly

  • This year I…

    became a city girl! got a cozy little place to call my own. traveled more than I’ve ever traveled before. fell madly in love. spent more money on photobooth pictures than I want to think about + managed to convince the lead singer of my favorite band to get in