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  • This year I…

    kept the same hair color for nearly the whole year + didn’t chop it all off when it started to get long! built a couple forts, played with trash, collected beach glass, and stacked rocks along the shores of Lake Erie. graced the cover of a magazine! ahhh! then, the

  • on my deck – summer 2016

    Last year was my first year in this apartment with it’s cozy little second floor porch. When the weather warmed up, I moved my plants that weren’t looking so hot outside since my office was getting crowded. Much to my surprise, they thrived. After that I ended up moving the

  • propagation station

    Mother’s Day is this weekend which means that it’s getting really close to the time where I can put my plants outside. Those two things are tied together because all the ladies in my family get each other plants of some sort for the holiday and those plants can usually

  • This year I…

    played in tide pools for the first time ever. got a big fat crush on Toronto! explored lots of interesting places people left behind. grew lots and lots of plants. tried more new foods than ever, and even kind of fell in love with cooking. got to cross off a