Bradstreet’s Landing

by Kaylah Stroup

I know I’m always blogging about beach trash, and what I find is no exaggeration but I would really hate for anyone to think that’s what all of Cleveland’s beaches look like. My favorite trash beach is a mess. I have no idea what it is about that spot. It must just be the location, that’s where the tide brings in the most garbage. That little spot aside, we have some really nice beaches!

One of the very first spots I fell in love with here was Bradstreet’s Landing. Mickey and I actually discovered it shortly before I moved to Lakewood. It is my absolute favorite spot to look for beach glass. Although it’s not a secret spot by any means for the longest time I refused to name it because I wanted it all to myself. When I was living in Lakewood I was there at least twice a week. Sometimes Jeff and I would even grab donuts, coffee, and chocolate milk and spend the morning there. I haven’t been picking up beach glass as often lately and had kind of forgotten just how much I love this little beach. I’ve been meaning to share more about the things I love in Cleveland and although this one is a tiny bit outside the city (around twenty minutes) it definitely deserves to be named!

Coming from Geneva beaches I was used to finding maybe three or four pieces of beach glass per trip. Bradstreet’s Landing blew my mind. You can sit down in one spot, run your hand over the small pebbles, and expose five to ten glistening pieces of glass. There’s barely any trash, it’s rare that more than a handful of people are there, and there’s almost always a big log to sit down and relax on.

Bradstreet’s Landing should probably be on your itinerary if you’re in the area and like looking for beach glass! Make sure to say hi if you see me and my obnoxiously bright hair hunkered down looking for treasure!

Bradstreet’s Landing
22400 Lake Rd
Rocky River, OH 44116

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