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For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered from chronic headaches. I’ve been to the doctor, had CT scans, and tried just about everything. Last year I started having vision problems too so I visited the optometrist who was actually the first person to give me some helpful hints. My vision problems, and subsequently my headaches, were being caused by some overworked muscles in my eyes. Basically I stare at my computer too much. When I’m not on my computer I’m reading, playing video games, or some other task that strains my eyes. I got reading glasses (which look pretty darn cute!), and began paying a lot more what I was doing the days I got headaches.

Last week my head and eyes just felt off. I wasn’t able to look at my computer for very long at all without starting to feel a headache coming on. My house was clean, and it seemed like no matter what I did I’d somehow end up back at my computer desk to check emails, or edit “just a few” photos so I had to get out. All that just to say I spent a lot of time at the beach last week.

It wasn’t long after arriving to the beach this day before noticing I was finding a lot of balls. It was just one after another. All different shapes, sizes, and conditions. There was even a soccer ball but didn’t fit in my little framed area.

I am constantly amazed at the things that wash up. The balls are really interesting to me (uhhh, phrasing) because unlike the other things I find on the beach I would presume most of these are lost as opposed to being intentional litter. Not that I think people throw lighters on the ground, I’m guessing those are lost most of the time too. I just imagine dogs whose owners have thrown the tennis ball just a haaaaair too far and they get lost out in the water for a while before finally washing back to the shore.

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  • Great pictures! It's interesting what you can find at the beach.
    Also I totally understand about the headaches – I get like that a lot. Going out sure is a good solution.

  • I'm loving your found on the beach series! All of your photos are so visually satisfying. I'm sorry to hear about your headaches though, and I hope you're feeling better this week. But this is a wonderful way to distract yourself and rest your eyes. Excellent project!
    xo. holly erinn

  • Happy belated birthday!

    I also recently found myself suffering from headaches that were morphing into migraine at an alarming frequency. The doctor couldn't help, so I visited my optometrist. On my second visit, it was discovered that I have convergence insufficiency (which is not normally tested for) which was the cause of fatigue in my eye muscles – basically, I naturally have double vision, and my muscles were straining to correct it. I got prism added to my lenses, which has helped significantly!

    Hopefully you are able to discover the cause of your headaches and are able to find some relief!

    • Interesting!!! Maybe a second trip to the optometrist wouldn't be such a bad idea for me. I so badly want to figure out the cause but it feels hopeless.

  • Sorry to hear about the headaches, but glad you have found a root cause, though obviously screen time is hard to avoid. I had a similar thing with stress – constant awful headaches for months on end, turning me into a complete recluse.In the end a creative meditation course convinced me I could give up the corporate career, and since I did – boom, no more headaches. I guess we have to listen to our bodies, and maybe yours is just letting you know you need more beach time! Especially when it is so beautiful. Though how you take a dog with you and still manage to get a picture of all the balls in one place, I have no idea!!

  • Oh my god — there's something so satisfying about the neatly arranged balls in that rectangular area. I want to set this up in my house and meditate in front of it. I love your photos of abandoned things.

  • This is gorgeous! You make something sad and dirty into something quite enchanting. I feel ya pain on the headaches, I get a lot too and it is frustrating why!