Friday Favorites #350

These giant floor pillows are super cute! They’d match my living room, and I know three critters who’d have a stare off to see who gets to lay on them. You know who’d win? Squid. Head of the household, for sure!
 (via: Zana)
(via: Beca Runs)
Because who doesn’t want a neon sign that says “boom!”?!
 (via: sygns)
 (via: Luke Drozd)
This duck ashtray has to be one of the strangest things I have ever seen. I don’t smoke but man, I want this thing just because it’s so weird. 
Holographic nail polish will always have my heart.
 (via: ILNP)
 This silly pug patch is the cutest.
Every time I think “okay, I have enough camera bags” I find another one I just love. Collins by Kelly Moore Bag is perfect. Also, this photo is very cute!
 (via: Kelly Moore Bag)
MORE PIZZA, always.

Link Love…
▴ Love love love this floral dress. It’d be a perfect dress for Valentine’s Day!
▴ These vintage colorblock oxfords are the bomb.
Last week I shared a donut bikini, now it’s a donut one piece!!
These undies, you guys!
▴A stingray towel – that comes in both child and adult size!!!
▴ Pssst! Don’t forget to enter the Weird Beard Candle Co. giveaway, if you haven’t already!

Happy Friday!!

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