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The Dainty Squid magazine feature

I feel a little bit like a braggart writing this post right now considering the fact I was on the cover of Cleveland Magazine last month and wrote a whole post about that. But y’all, this girl doesn’t exactly get featured in magazines everyday, it just so happens that two months in a row I have been though! Wooooo! This time around it’s the summer 2016 edition of Artful Blogging.

This feature is a little different than my last. Instead of an interview, I actually wrote a short piece about my blogging process. That along with a handful of my photos span three whole pages. Ahhh! I let them choose which photos to include just because I honestly wasn’t sure why they liked me in the first place. Not in a “I think my photos are crap” or “I’m not confident in my work” way but in “your magazine looks so pretty and sometimes I blog about dead things and abandoned places…” kind of way. Haha! The Dainty Squid does have a pretty diverse variety of subject matter so it was really interesting for me to see it summarized by someone else in a handful of photos. Aaaand I am over the moon about seeing my photos in print. SO. STINKEN. COOL.

I have nothing else to say that wouldn’t involve writing the word “excited” about fifty more times so I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads The Dainty Squid. It’s a really crazy feeling to know that a whole bunch of people I’ve never met swing by my little corner of the internet just check in on me, my critters, and all our crazy adventures. When I started this blog so many years ago I never imagined that I would have so many amazing readers or that I would ever be featured in magazines. It’s crazy, it’s the best and I couldn’t do it without ya! I love the heck out of all of you.

Artful Blogging is available for purchase here, it’s also available at a variety of stores (Check out the store locator!)

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