Friday Favorites #382

 Last year I realized that sweaters from Sugarhill Boutique were basically the bee’s knees. They fit me so well. Aaaand now it’s like they’re designing things just for me! I NEED this sweater.
(via: Modcloth)
 Donut kid yourself, this patch is adorable.


 (via: Amazon)
I was just thinking how sad I will be to take down my moon calendar when the year ends but then I spotted this which is incredibly similar…and maybe even a little bit cooler!
 (via: Moorea Seal)
This teaching model kills me. It’s beeeeautiful!
I absolutely love this print by Leigh Cox!
 (via: Leigh Cox)
Not even going to lie, from the main photo on the listing I thought this was a candle and I thought it sounded awesome. When I went to grab a photo for this post I realized it wasn’t a candle at all but literal maple cream… and I’m still super into it! That sounds delicious.
I basically enjoy all cutesy kitchen items but this mushroom mortar and pestle takes the cake!!
(via: Modcloth)
 (via: Mustard)
I can always find room for one more patch, especially when it’s a cactus!
 (via: PatchMeSo)
Boy, this post sure has a theme this week, huh? Why stop now? Here’s a cactus watch!
 (via: Moorea Seal)
I saved the best for last, Melissa from Miss Missy Paper Dolls made a paper doll of me… and it’s the absolute coolest thing ever.

Link love…
Spine candle! Perfect for Halloween…or all year long if you’re like me!
▴ Opted to share a link to this instead of including the photo because even I can admit it’s a little creepy, but I kiiiind of need this for my collection of dental odds and ends.
▴ You guys, I don’t even drink but there was no way I could not share this corgi bottle stopper with you. It’s so cute!
▴ This studio applause sign is super neat.
▴ Love this gold bralette and panties set!

Happy Friday!!

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