May Goals

by Kaylah Stroup

planter by Friend Assembly, available at Moorea Seal.


I’ve mentioned quite a few times how much I enjoy making lists, and how much I like making goals. I make intense to do lists daily and write a hefty list of goals at the beginning of every year. I recently started reading the blog Writes Like A Girl. I was instantly drawn to her great photography, stylish outfits, and general aesthetic but the second I saw her monthly series ‘small goals’ I was inspired. I grabbed my notepad and wrote down a few things I wanted to accomplish in the coming month.

Fast forward a few weeks I’m watching random TED talks on youtube. I started with one and when it ended youtube just started playing another. I like to have shows on in the background while I edit photos so I just let them roll. Some were interesting, some I completely tuned out and then there was one that really struck a chord – Inside the mind of a master procrastinator by  Tim Urban. It’s less than fifteen minutes long and definitely worth watching. I’m a pretty darn proficient procrastinator. I don’t enjoy being one, I’d much rather not stress about things at the very last minute but at least I know I’m able to pull it together when I need to. Anyway in the talk he explains in a fun way how being a procrastinator works, and that he had shared this on his blog in a very lighthearted way. Thousands of people responded but told him how troubling being a procrastinator for them is when they don’t have a deadline. How you can have so many things you’d like to do but don’t necessarily have to do therefore that panic of “I have to get this done!” never sets in… and then you never start at all.

I totally get that. I have tons of little projects brewing in my brain but no real push to put them into action. Writing down and sharing my goals here on the blog is a huge reason why I think I’m able to accomplish so many of the ones I make each year but what about the ones I’m not positive I can pull off, the ones I just never write down, or the ones that seem like too much of a short term goal to write on a year long list? Well, they’re the reason I’m starting a monthly goal series. Consider this a way I can help hold myself accountable, a reason to do the things I actually want to do but don’t need to.

May Goals

  • Watch 7 new TED talks. I already told you I like things on in the background while I work so maybe instead of watching the same movies over and over I could be learning something new. I recommend watching the one I linked above if you’d like to join me in this goal. I also really enjoyed this one by Laura Vanderkam on how to gain control of your free time!
  • Take a hike. By myself, with Klaus, with Jeff, with family… it doesn’t matter. I’m surrounded by beautiful parks it’s a bummer to not use them.
  • Start on a new fabric collection. I guess technically you could say I already have started on my next fabric collection since I’ve been collecting beach finds specifically for this reason but now it’s about putting the plan in action. I have no idea how quickly everything will fall into place but I’d like to at least get the fabric ordered by the end of the month.
  • Buy nothing except food, gas + pet supplies. Last month sucked financially for the simple fact that I owed a lot more in taxes than I thought I would. It was a shock, to say the least. My main priority this year is to leave the country for a few days. Not just Canada, but like a “real” vacation. That means a lot more to me than a pack of pens or a cute dress from Target. So I might as well put every penny toward it. On one hand this goal sounds incredibly easy but I also know how Target and TJ Maxx suck me in so we’ll see how this goes. Note: fabric in this case counts as a necessity since it’s another one of my goals.
  • Shoot one outfit post per week. The weather is warming up and I have no excuse not to be shooting at least one new outfit post per week!

How about you? What do you want to accomplish this month?

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