where I work

by Kaylah Stroup

It’s office tour time!!

I’ve been living in my ~new~ apartment for nearly six months now. Wait. How has it been that long already?! This whole time I’ve been promising room tours and sharing teaser photos. I know it’s not that big of a deal and as much as I love doing it, sharing photos your home is kind of scary. It’s just this sacred space that I spend a great deal of time, that I’ve saved money to decorate, and that I take such great pride. I like to do my best to make sure everything is just right before shooting each room but it seems like there is always something left I want to do. Well, I’m fiiiiinally ready to show off my office. There was a whole series of things I wanted to do after posting that peek of it back in February. Slowly but surely I crossed them all off until the only thing that remained was getting a massive frame for the print on my wall. I was stressing that it would cost a fortune but I ended up finding a decent one on amazon, and I had a gift card – score!

If you’ve been reading for any period of time, and have seen my other room tours from previous apartments, you should already know that I stink at these. I tend to concentrate on details more than the big picture which isn’t always the best when trying to show off a room. My office is packed full of fun details I adore though so that’s what you’re getting here today…

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Like I said, there are tons of tiny details I love in this room, like the silly face planters below, but my pride and joy is the massive Hugo Girl/You Go Girl print. If you recall, on my Christmas list this year was a print from my favorite graffiti artist. At the time, they didn’t have an online presence, and I couldn’t find aaaanywhere to purchase their work. From my embarrassingly extensive googling I gathered that they possibly lived in New Orleans, and definitely had lots of work down there. I was super stoked to hunt down anything I could to take photos of while we were on vacation. I found a bunch of their stickers – all of which I pointed out to Jeff with GREAT enthusiasm, as well as a few pieces on walls. While walking down Royal Street, peeking in all the shop windows, I spotted two huge YGG prints in Glitter Box. I freaked. They were closed at the time so we basically just circled the block a million times until I was able to dart in, awkwardly point at the wall, and spit out “I’m buying that, please.”  They even offered to ship it home for me! It’s been hanging since then by two binder clips and some tacks so I’m pumped to finally have it framed.

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sources –
photo shelves
clear office chair
keyboard decals
face planter
pen set
globe mirror
arrow photo holder
spine candle
You Go Girl candle
full sized skeleton
Light up arrow was from Target – similar
Rug is from TJ Maxx.
Grid memo board is a repurposed dog crate (read more here!)
Large witchy hand print is by HugoGirl, found at Glitter Box.