project 365 : days 121 – 127

121 : 365 Beach finds for the day. I’m in love with that piece of pottery in the last photo. Those are always a favorite of mine to find. I also really love the shot below, taken right when the water washed into my little arrangement.

beach glass arrangement, lake erie, beach glass, cleveland army man, flotsam army

122 : 365 An outtake from the little photoshoot for my ‘how to clean up hair dye messes‘ post. I spent so long trying to get one of the animals to go lay on my pillow but it just wasn’t happening. I like Professor’s stupid face in this shot though. He’s such a silly little thing. Klaus’s posture kind of makes it look like Professor said something really mean to him.

Another photo from Tuesday. Jeff picked up sushi on his way home from work. You guys, it blows my mind that a couple of years ago I was the pickiest eater I had ever met and now one of my favorite foods is eel. I could eat sushi every single day and not get sick of it.

123 : 365 I love how the light filters in through the blinds here. I truly love every corner of this apartment.

124 : 365 My “uh-oh I haven’t taken a photo yet today, better snap one of a plant before it gets dark outside” photo. It was a busy day. We booked a spur of the moment vacation, I worked at the flower shop then we got tacos with friends.

125 : 365 Incense and cactus. I’ve had that stupid shark trash can for probably six years and I still crack up over it. Easily one of the best things I have EVER found at a thrift store.

126 : 365 I took a quick trip to the beach to check out the lake since it was stormy. It was SO cold, and the waves were just wild! Most of the beach had been swallowed up by water. I also created a hashtag for my long exposure ghostly

I also created a hashtag for my long exposure ghostly self portraits – #ghostkaylah. Hopefully that’ll be a nice little push to take more of those. I think they’re really rad.

127 : 365 Chasing waterfalls!

Ohio Waterfall

Happy Monday!

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