It’s the little things…

by Kaylah Stroup

Y’all, every time I write one of these “It’s the little things…” posts it’s about my darn pets. Part of me wants to apologize but I also feel like if you don’t like seeing silly photos of them, you’re probably some kind of monster because they’re perfect angels. Only partially kidding.

Yesterday I was walking to the front door to fix up the mess of shoes that had been driving me nuts for the past two or three days. I like shoes, Jeff also really likes shoes. Therefore, we have a ton of them! When I turned the corner I spotted Professor casually lounging in the mess with litter stuck to his tiny little wet nose. I immediately turned around and speed tip-toed back to my camera. When I got back to him, he decided it was time to really ham it up.

He rolled around, looked at me while upside down, rubbed his little fangs all over Jeff’s shoes, and yawned oh so dramatically toward the ceiling. Professor reminds me of the typical handsome yet really dumb guy. Just look at those stunning blue eyes… and then the litter on his nose. Why does he always have litter on his nose!? Squid never ever does but at least once a day I catch this little dummy with something stuck to his face.

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This little cat brings a smile to my face every single day. I threaten Jeff “You better hurry up and marry me or I’m going to marry Professor!” He makes everything better, and his little meows warm my heart. I don’t know what I’d do without him. Also, I missed the opportunity to write a seven year anniversary post for him this year but you can read our six year anniversary post here.

Hope my silly little kitten brightens your day too!

PS. Don’t forget that you can follow Professor’s Instagram account if you enjoy seeing ridiculous cat photos.



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