June Goal Recap

  • Work hard to save money! I started investing! In June I began using both Stash + Acorns on top of Digit. That sounds like a whole mess of apps to be dealing with but honestly, I feel so much better spreading out my savings like this. While I can withdraw my money at any time if I need it, it’s nice that it’s not just one simple click away like moving money from savings to checkings is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just moved some money from savings to purchase something I didn’t truly need. Now that money gets invested instead so I’m not able to make those spur of the moment poor decisions.

Stash is an excellent way to start investing if you’re new to it (which I definitely am!) Jeff had been bugging me to sign up for months. He’s obsessed, and I’m starting to see why. It’s simple to understand, and makes getting started a breeze. Acorns rounds up your purchases and saves that money for you. For example, if you made a purchase for $4.76, it rounds it up to $5 and saves the twenty-four cents for you. It’s just small change but it quickly adds up!  FYI – both of those are referral links, you get five bucks to start investing and I get some too! Win/win! 

  • Build running stamina. While I’m sure I’ve built stamina, I don’t feel like my results are super noticeable which I find a little disappointing. I have not given up running though! With the exception of two days, I did some sort of work out (running, biking or yoga) every single day in the month of June. Y’all, I am proud of me! The biggest results I’ve seen so far are mental and that’s worth so much more than anything else.
  • Get The Dainty Squid’s shop running again. Yeah, buddy! Did you see the pouches? I have a little something else coming your way soon. …But in the meantime, definitely go look how cute the pouches are!
  • Bike 50 miles. Guess who absolutely slaughtered this goal? ME! I rode just over 150 miles in the month of June. There are a bunch of photos here if you wanna look at my beeeeautiful bike.

July Goals

  • Stay ahead! I’m not great at staying caught up on my work. I always manage to get it done in time but I really miss when I used to be a week ahead of my blog schedule. I felt so much happier and in control. This month I’d love to get back to that. I don’t know what happened that I can no longer seem to stay ahead but I’m determined to fix it.
  • Dye my hair. I’m leaving green. At least I’m trying. I know, I’ve definitely said that before but this time it’s happening. …Maybe. At the very least, I have the supplies for a color I’ve never done before, I’ve been working on fading my hair, and something needs to happen because these roots are out of control. Cross your fingers for me, I’m not feeling all that confident I’ll be able to get my hair as light as I want.
  • Keep on pedaling! Last year I met some people at Critical Mass who I immediately clicked with. We rode together for the evening and even went out to dinner afterward which for me, as a shy person, is a HUGE deal. We exchanged numbers, talking big game about how we’d have to ride together again soon but never did. Last month, one whole year later, we finally met up again and ended up hanging out three days in a row. I feel like making new friends can be just as awful as dating and making new friends who share a major interest of yours is like winning the lottery. This month I want to ride a ton with my new buds!

I’m the first to admit there’s nothing too exciting in this month’s goals. I don’t really have any big projects I want to work on right this second. My main thing I’d like to do is stay ahead of my work so that I can focus on the fun stuff like going out with friends, riding bikes, and photo adventures. Those are the things that make me happiest and therefore make me a more productive person. It’s basically a tornado of goodness once the ball gets rolling, ya know? After all the miles I put in last month on my bike, I feel like I’m on the upswing mentally. I’m even ahead on my blog schedule for once. July, you’re going to be one fine month!

How about you? What do you want to accomplish this month?



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