project 365 : days 177 – 183

by Kaylah Stroup

177 : 365 Fancy pants new pillow – which is literally the most comfortable pillow I have ever laid my head on – and some cactus sheets I still can’t get enough of. Also, while searching for a link to those sheets I found this cactus shirt from Target that I had somehow never seen before.

178 : 365 I really love my black desk and how colorful it makes everything else look.

179 : 365 Flowers drying. This arrow makes the best possible display for dried flowers. I love it!

180 : 365 I think its hilarious that the first shot is crisp and in focus and the second one, where he looks like he’s screaming, is out of focus. It reminds me of one of those memes where someone realizes something and the second frame looks like its at hyperspeed. That’s a truly awful description but hopefully you know what I’m talking about. If not, Professor is cute so whatever.

181 : 365 Do you guys think I like these Friend Assembly planters, or nah? I mean I’ve only posted a million photos of them. I just really love inanimate objects with faces and I love plants, obviously, so these are the perfect combination. I need a whole army of them.

182 : 365 Fourth of July shenanigans. We usually camp out at my parents for the weekend but Jeff had a wedding to shoot the next morning so we were only able to stay for the day. Don’t think that means I didn’t have a ton of fun, and eat until my belly was about to explode though! My parents always throw a rad party. Fireworks that rival the ones you’d see anywhere else except in the comfort of only family and friends. Its the best!

183 : 365 Home, sweet rainbow filled home!

Hope your week is off to an awesome start!

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