project 365 : days 246 – 252

by Kaylah Stroup

246 : 365 Two things significant about this photo. 1. She was 115!!! 2. This cemetery was supposed to be just a quick stop while we were down in Louisville. Then we got there and I was like “whaaaaaaa?!” Eastern Cemetery is an ‘abandoned’ cemetery that folks have been working to clean up for the last few years. I knew that going into it but I didn’t realize how overgrown it still was. I had the time of my life running around in the tall grass, shooting photos. I have so so so many pictures to share soon.

eastern cemetery, headstone, louisville, kentucky, graveyard, abandoned cemetery

247 : 365 The remnants of an abandoned train station.

louisville, abandoned, train station, graffiti

248 : 365 Rainbows, rainbow, rainbows! I bought a thing to make my apartment even more packed to the brim with rainbows. More on that coming soon but in the mean time, check out this post about my other rainbow makers.

rainbow maker

249 : 365 A quick look at my pin collection. It was a hot mess so I sat down and reorganized everything.

250 : 365 Our geocaching adventure for the day took us to a stream we had never been to before. It appealed to me because it clearly doubled as a dumping ground or was down stream from one at some point. Old bottles, pottery, and other strange odds and ends were poking out of the ground. I could have spent forever there searching for treasure. I didn’t find anything worth bringing home but I did see a shopping cart filled with sticks, and build a cairn from a huge random metal object and some rocks.

251 : 354 A very clever geocache!

clever geocache, geocaching

252 : 365 My nephew turns 14 today and for his birthday he wanted Jeff and I to join him and his pals on a bike ride down a trail that is just lined with geocaches. I’m tickled pink that my nephew thinks we’re cool enough that he wanted to hang with us on his birthday. He’s super rad, and we have a ton of hobbies in common. We biked for around six hours and found 65 geocaches. It was a blast.

It was a really awesome week. Jeff had taken the week off work so that we could take a roadtrip. My dad’s surgery, which was supposed to be last week, got rescheduled for the week we were going to be away. Needless to say, that ended up getting canceled. We decided to take a mini trip to Louisville, and then spend the rest of the week goofing off around our house. Basically, we had a staycation. It was great. I never thought I was the staycationing type but 10/10, would definitely do again!

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