rainbows in my home pt. 2

by Kaylah Stroup

rainbows inside, apartment rainbow

Toward the beggining of the year I discovered the magical world of rainbows in my apartment. I purchased a suncatcher that attached to the window with a suction cup. It changed my world. That sounds so ridiculous and dramatic but truly having rainbows fill my apartment daily is so relaxing. I can’t imagine not having them now.

Because I have the type of personality where when I like something I’m OBSESSED I’ve been looking for even more ways to make my apartment magical. I basically have a suncatcher in each window that gets direct sunlight but I wanted more. I was poking around Amazon, clicking through suggested similar items from the suncatcher listing, and ended up stumbling upon a set of two crystal ball pendants for under ten bucks. They had significantly less reviews than the suncatcher but figured they were worth a shot. The very fact I’m writing a post solely about them should tell you exactly how I feel. But first, some photos…

the dainty squid, rainbow, suncatcher, rainbow maker

The photo above shows rainbows from both the suncatcher (long skinny rainbows) and the crystal balls (short round rainbows.)

The crystal balls come with pre-drilled holes but without any way to hang them. At first I had some string, as pictured below, but later realized how much nicer looking fishing line is. I have them currently have them hanging from the lock on my office window but they’re obviously very easy to move around. With the fishling line, you can’t even see how they’re attached.

If I had to choose between the suncatcher and the crystal balls, I think I would choose the suncatcher because those rainbows take up a lot more space. That’s 100% not to say these aren’t awesome though, like I said I definitely wouldn’t be dedicating a whole post to them if they didn’t completely wow me! I love the way rainbows dance around the room when the wind blows. The small rainbows are a lot less cheesy looking of a rainbow, if that makes any sense to you. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they look like a happy accident instead of a giant rainbow stripe.

For the price, I kind of want to line my window with them! In my opinion, this is definitely a case where more is more. Bring on allll the color. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful having rainbows in your home is. Like I mentioned, I have some sort of rainbow maker in each of the windows in my apartment that receives direct sunlight but I think my favorite has to be in my bathroom. The timing always seems to work out so that when the sun is hitting it perfectly, that’s the time I’m going in there to shower. I have a clear shower curtain so rainbows cover my body each day while I get cleaned up. It’s the best way to start the day.

He finally caught the rainbow!rainbow maker, the dainty squid
For more rainbow photos be sure to check out my first post about the suncatchers here & for even more magic, try a disco ball.
Updated 8/17 – I found an even better deal on the crystals! A set of 10 for just a few bucks more than I paid for the original set of two. In the year since this post, I’ve filled my window with crystals. It’s THE BEST.

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