what we wore : no bones about it redux

by Kaylah Stroup

skeleton dog costume, green hair, skeleton leggings

hoodie – Target (little boys section, last year)
sunglasses – Claudia via Foster Grant
leggings – skeleton leggings via Hot Topic (on clearance now!)
shoes – saddle shoes via Amazon
Klaus’ outfitTarget (two years ago)

First and foremost,


Klaus and I actually did this same thing two years ago. (Here!) Buuut I love that post so much I wanted to do it again. Even though he’s worn this little costume almost to smithereens, it still makes me smile every time I see him in it. I was even hoping Target would be carrying them again this year so I could buy a replacement. Alas, no luck there.

Lots of things have changed since that first post, most noticeably my hair length! In the time since I also managed to get my hands on a skeleton sweatshirt that fits really nicely which is kind of a huge deal! Don’t mind if I do, Target’s little boys section! We’re still the same cool bony buds though.

2015 & now

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